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menstrual period to 3 months continuous

2018-4-16 23:28:01
  consecutive period to 3 months  
2018-4-16 23:35:01
     hello! Your situation is unusual. Blood is a spontaneous, cyclical bleeding. Most of the reasons for menstrual irregularities and female endocrine function is not properly related, but we must first rule out other diseases or organ lesions caused by the possibility of abnormal bleeding. We recommend that you promptly ultrasound and endocrine examination corrected the diagnosis in a timely manner. "My goal for your needs," Beijing Mary Fuyingyiyuan experts sincerely serve you!  
2018-4-16 23:42:01
     you mean three months has been bleeding it?  
     consideration is the functional uterine bleeding. Recommend taking hormones to stop bleeding.