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2018-4-16 23:24:01
     history:    no  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    27  
        The onset and duration:    14 years  
     every time I menstrual always a very long duration about eighty-nine days to clean. larger than the first three days, then very little, but not always clean, ask the doctor to help diagnose what.  
2018-4-16 23:28:01
     symptoms of inflammation may exist, I suggest you do something to the hospital gynecological gynecological examination, B-ultrasonography and vaginal smears, and pathological examination! After a clear cause under the guidance of a doctor in the clinical treatment.  
2018-4-16 23:35:01
     hello! The length of the menstrual cycle, depending on the length of ovarian cycles, usually 28-30 days, but varies, there are 23-45 days, or even three or six months to one cycle. As long as a regular, normal menstruation generally. We recommend that you clean after 2-3 days of menstruation can be checked to confirm the diagnosis. "My goal for your needs," Beijing Mary Fuyingyiyuan experts sincerely serve you!