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help my period has been Push for 13 days, with no early pregnancy test strips pr

2018-3-14 06:00:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
     June this year to the hospital for eugenics four checks, the doctor said to eat folic acid before pregnancy, two months, I started from June 8 Si Lian folic acid to eat, my periods usually are not very accurate, will push a 4.5 days to a week or so, but to eat After a folic acid came on time every month, to eat for two months beginning in August and ovulation test pregnancy with ovulation test strips, to September, there is no positive ovulation test, then the Internet that folic acid may lead to ovulation, stopped September 25, folic acid, in October, two days ahead of the period, November 3 days in advance, should have been December 11 to the period did not come, and in about 11 days have felt little stomach the pain a little faint, not the kind of feeling of the period to come, and then pushed for a week in the period when there is nausea feeling, this feeling lasted for a week, but during the early pregnancy test strips with no experience of pregnancy, is now Push for 13 days, yesterday and this morning dipstick test useful in early pregnancy, or a bar, not pregnant, I do not know how to do, in the end not pregnant pregnant, what should go to the hospital for examination? Please experienced doctors help me!  
2018-3-14 06:07:01
     need hospital treatment, there may be other causes of delayed menstruation.