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on irregular uterine fibroids

2018-3-14 05:52:01
  Dr. Li: Hello! My unit a few days ago I found a 0.7x0.5 examination of the fibroids, I would like to ask Chinese drink eliminate it? Thank you! Please reply as soon as possible.  
2018-3-14 05:56:01
     small fibroids usually have little effect, you can use traditional Chinese medicine, but the fibroid treatment effect is not necessarily good.  
2018-3-14 06:07:01
     Thank you for your Beijing Tianlun infertility hospital trust and support!  
     your fibroids too small, I suggest you check regularly, I suggest you can now take medication for treatment. Our hospital is complete in accordance with World Health Organization standards for human infertility treatment to establish a modern hospital, we recommend that you come to my hospital detailed investigation, clear and specific reasons, and take appropriate treatment.  
     If you have any questions, please call the 24-hour health hotline :010 -85,631,116 or to the hospital for treatment. I wish you health! J