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polycystic ovary syndrome, there may be no ovulation caused by tubal blockage

2018-3-14 05:44:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    22  
     doctor said to be a tube according to shadow look is not caused by tubal blockage, polycystic ovary syndrome, I was not after ovulation has this been possible?  
2018-3-14 05:49:01
     without pelvic inflammatory disease, will not affect the attachment go far more than the fallopian tubes, leading to blocked fallopian tubes. However, due to polycystic ovary syndrome, anovulation could be caused the infertility. Therefore, the key to treatment or need for multi-capsule.  
     currently polycystic program in integrative medicine is better. Long-term hormone therapy in patients with only a short period of endocrine intervention force to damage ovarian function at the cost of treatment in the short term there will be some effect, but will lead to "have been injured," ovarian function worse. This is mainly a long-term hormone replacement therapy, will damage your ovarian function, so that your own function and functional reserve of ovarian secretion decreased.  
     but not the rejection of all hormone drugs, which is required for certain conditions. From the 1950s onwards, we began to study studio Yu Jin, not only the pathogenesis of PCOS, mainly in the neural network of human life - reproductive endocrine - metabolic disorders of the arguments the network, but also found that patients with PCOS is high androgen Life in the backbone network of disease control and press Triangle phenomenon in patients with clinical manifestations, family history, four diagnostic and laboratory test, PCOS patients presented case of hyperandrogenism trunk high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of genetic 'soil "In prone hyperandrogenism, insulin phenomenon, obtained before and after treatment and clinical basis for combining the experimental data to verify and establish the PCOS into POCS2 large four small, according to the composition of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of this program, if necessary, with a small amount of , the different short-term hormone, in combination therapy, after years of repeated observation, conclusion, no response to the clomiphene citrate therapy in patients with PCOS, ovulation rate was 91.9%, 75.6% pregnancy rate effect, ranking the leading position at home and abroad. Over time, it is an advantage polycystic treatment projects. Integrative Medicine opened in polycystic precedent.  
2018-3-14 05:56:01
     generally mostly not pregnant is no ovulation, no inflammation is generally not blocked fallopian tubes.  
2018-3-14 06:07:01
     Thank you for your Beijing Tianlun infertility hospital trust and support!  
     polycystic ovary is due to the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis dysfunction, undermining the mutual dependence and regulation, and therefore can not be long-term ovarian ovulation. The typical clinical manifestations of polycystic ovary disease is anovulatory menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, oligomenorrhea or menstrual ovulation, often accompanied by a number of hair, obesity, infertility, one ovary or both ovaries increased growth and some changes in hormone levels. Treatment of polycystic ovary there are two types of medication, the other is surgery. Drug treatment is generally not very satisfactory. Our hospital is complete in accordance with World Health Organization standards for human infertility treatment to establish a modern hospital, the main use of artificial ovarian technology combined with minimally invasive surgical treatment, the success rate of 95%, if other conditions are normal after surgery, the next months of pregnancy can be considered. We recommend that you come to my hospital detailed investigation, clear and specific reasons, and take appropriate treatment.  
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