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not Aiye

2018-3-14 05:24:02
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
        the times the incidence and duration:    3 months  
     I want to ask, and my two to three months and her boyfriend having sex, a lot of time are dry as I ask what was the problem?  
2018-3-14 05:28:01
     vaginal dryness during sexual mainly because of inadequate response to women's physiological reason. After the emergence of excited women, the vagina, cervix secretes mucus, mucus can play the role of vaginal lubrication. If the woman has not started sexual excitement, as mucus secretion, vaginal dryness will, insert the penis is also more difficult, if then forced to have sex, sexual intercourse will be painful.  
     When this happens, you can add some sexual life before the two sides to communicate, through kissing, touching, etc. to help you appear excited, excitement occurs after sex. If, after his efforts or not, you can use some lubricant of life.