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2018-2-14 01:44:01
  I am 38, nearly a year, period less than one-third of the previous Second, at least three days before, and the amount of normal, his face covered with beans after less, what menstruation, what to eat medicine? Thank you!  
2018-2-14 01:49:01
     after a few months of the causes can be divided into virtual, two real, imaginary or due to blood deficiency, or due to spleen deficiency, or because kidney caused by fine blood; may actually cold because the blood, qi stagnation, phlegm caused by poor blood to run. Detailed investigation is recommended that you go to the hospital, clear and specific reasons, targeted treatment.  
2018-2-14 01:56:01
     Hello; often the case, a menstrual bleeding is about 60 ml, less than 30 ml for too little, more than 80 ml for too much .  
     general, less blood is due to low estrogen levels caused, I suggest you check the hormone after six clear cause, in the symptomatic treatment.