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mild electric iron treatment you need?

2018-2-14 01:40:01
  cervical erosion treatment of mild electric iron you need? How much money. Will not affect future fertility  
2018-2-14 01:42:01
     hello; patients with mild cervical erosion. Antibiotics can be used locally on the drug, such as metronidazole, sulfonamides, nitrofurazone and so on. Does not affect fertility.  
2018-2-14 01:49:01
     mild drug treatment of cervical erosion can, in severe cervical erosion can be combined with physical treatment, drug treatment alone is not good, you can consider a very sea star treatment, it is a "from the inside out" of treatment, positioning accuracy, thorough treatment, painless non-invasive, non- will destroy the normal cervical tissue, there is no scar formation, will not affect the quality of life and future fertility problems.