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"left attachment area shows 3.1 * 2.3CM cystic dark area around the visible

2018-1-13 12:00:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
        The onset and duration:    09.04.24  
     I go to the hospital because of uterine fibroids examination. B-The results showed that: the right side wall near the bottom of the uterus, see 4.8 * 3.7CM hypoechoic shadow, border less clear.  
     accessories examination showed:  
     left attachment area, see 3.1 * 2.3CM cystic dark area surrounding ovarian tissue can be seen ,  
     the right accessories 2.4 * 2.1CM  
     question is:  
     Accessories problems? The results mean?  
     doctor recommended surgery of uterine fibroids, I ask the experts how to deal with?  
     In addition, physical examination, I made a doctor's advice based on cervical cancer prevention inspection, examination, doctors said, there may be a little bloodshot. But today is the third day after medical examination, as well as bleeding, such as menstrual cramps, dark red, small, I wonder if there is all right?  
2018-1-13 12:07:01
     attachment may be cysts.  
     doctor recommended surgery of uterine fibroids, laparoscopic surgery can also be operative.  
     such as pre-menstrual cramps, dark red, small, continue to observe.