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After birth it can not?

2018-1-13 11:56:01
     patient sex:    male  
        patient age:    23  
        The onset and duration:    2009 年 4 月 29 日  
     doctors hello! I know you are very rich experience. Would like to ask your doctor, I am to 8 this month is the period, April 27 went to a doctor that examined, the doctor helped me experience a vaginal discharge that has a lot of pus, urine test and then later check the results: WBC 3 + TVQ FV 1310 positive. I opened the three fluids and the promise of her new. I started a little inflammation, and I guess it is positive for these ten days after it caused disease, three days in ten days when you feel a little damage on the same urine, and then I'll go to the hospital. But I'm not married, will be treated as good? It can also cause what disease it? After birth it can not? Thank you  
2018-1-13 12:00:01
     can be treated good, according to drug treatment, usually a course of treatment can cure almost good.  
2018-1-13 12:07:01
     After this situation does not affect fertility treatment  
2018-1-13 12:14:01
     Certainly can, ah, and the promise is the result of her new national certification, and clinical trials will not impact on fertility made  
2018-1-13 12:21:01
     Hello, this is generally not affected, and will not affect future fertility, and respect for prescription drugs can, and usually pay attention to wash with warm water