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2018-1-13 11:52:01
  period since I have never been allowed, there is no reason he has not been married now pregnant with a child is really afraid now I almost have menstrual two months, and now it has been eating a lot of drugs have no effect. in medicine how to eat what to do?  
2018-1-13 11:56:01
     hello; cause irregular menstruation causes neuroendocrine disorders, drug-induced organic disease, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital after the diagnosis in symptomatic treatment.  
2018-1-13 12:00:01
     menstruation is only a symptom, to the treatment, you first need to find the cause, not blind medication, blind treatment, only serve to mask the real cause of the blind , resulting in incorrect treatment.  
     targeted checks you need to do: light-emitting electrochemical six hormones and pituitary stimulation tests and the vagina from the four-dimensional ultrasound, symptomatic treatment after diagnosis We can check with the patient after treatment care insurance contract, commitment to cure back the full amount. If you still can not understand the question again or contact us.  
2018-1-13 12:07:01
     endocrine examination can be clearly defined and timely treatment; blood is a spontaneous, cyclical bleeding. Most of the reasons for menstrual irregularities and female endocrine function is not normal.