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long period of time how to do

2018-1-13 11:48:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    33  
        The onset and duration:    1 year  
     my monthly menstruation is very accurate, the first period, when more than 3.4 days are good some days is not always neatly after about two weeks to finish I had to do b gynecological doctor said no problem over the ring location is also very good, so I eat Guipi said I was weak and I ate a lot of blood had little effect at all how can I do  
2018-1-13 11:49:01
     have a certain relationship with ovarian function, your situation can be ultrasound is recommended that you clear the uterus and accessories of  
2018-1-13 11:56:01
     may be caused by the ring, if the drugs do not work, consider taking part.  
2018-1-13 12:00:01
     Hello, this is irregular, it is recommended to the hospital to be checked ECL's look at six hormones endocrine conditions