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should be noted that after surgery of uterine fibroids What

2018-1-13 11:32:01
  after surgery of uterine fibroids should pay attention to  
2018-1-13 11:35:01
     Hello, this surgery is best to eat hormone-containing things, good review, there is nothing else  
2018-1-13 11:42:01
     attention to diet in patients with uterine fibroids  
     1, diet should be light, do not eat lamb, shrimp, crab, eel, fish, blackfish and other fat objects.  
     2, eat chili, Ma pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, white wine and spicy food and drinks.  
     3, fasting longan, red dates, gelatin, royal jelly and other hot, coagulation and hormone-containing ingredients.  
     4, eat lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, fish, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, melon, mushrooms, tofu , kelp, seaweed, and fruit.