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three cervical erosion,

2018-1-13 11:24:02
     history:    cervical erosion three  
        patient gender :    female  
        patient age:    25  
        The onset and duration:    recent  
     doctors Hello!  
     Yesterday I went to the hospital, the doctor said I cervical erosion three times and she gave me some medicine, external and internal Hu.  
     I want to know whether such a situation as I am cured, I was 25 years old, to how to get a better cure! will BU will have any impact on your body or I will have a problem, now I Bu know how to do, want doctors to give me some advice!  
2018-1-13 11:28:01
     can use radio frequency ablation, Philip knife treatments, this is a radical of minimally invasive surgery, I suggest you go to hospital for treatment as soon as possible .  
2018-1-13 11:35:01
     three degrees, topical, oral medication should not be too good. Physical therapy three recommendations.