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ten years of marriage, sex life has never had the pleasure

2017-12-7 20:40:02
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    35  
        the times the incidence and duration:    5 months  
     before menstruation is normal, since February 20, March 30 after the two periods A few days will be repeated 2-3 times a see red, less brown, clean every two days, two after this period of menstruation in March for 10 days, 3 period and then this happens April did not come menstruation, after injection of corpus luteum torso is 8-9 days to May 29 period, which after the women Paul did a full check, no problem, the doctor said the third day of the next to go on to to be checked, but as if June 19 is to the period, but less, brown, and normal menstruation is not the same, so do not do inspections, has been five days, or the same amount, but not more and but not least, people do not feel uncomfortable.  
     married for ten years, never had sexual pleasure, sexual activity is not so much interested. Some people say is early ovarian aging, really? I was thirty-five ah!  
     6 月 10 (that is, 13 days) to do inspection, inspection report: endometrial thickness of 5mm. What Zhongzhu Ren: physiological function is to improve the aging do?  
        supplementary question 1: (2009-06-23 21:50:09 )     
     in the end what is the reason the past six months menstruation it?  
2017-12-7 20:42:01
     appear orgasm or not with the duration of stimulation and intensity are directly related; while both men and women in times of orgasm there are physiological differences that men and fast women slow, so in the sexual life, the man to try to delay ejaculation time, better to wait until the woman to have more vaginal discharge, genital area has significant wetting, suggesting that there faster orgasm, or ejaculation in a woman's implied later addition, women of sensitive parts varies, can be continuously explore, to find out the sensitive parts. after intercourse when the concentration of irritant in sensitive areas, it is more prone to orgasm.  
2017-12-7 20:49:01
     six months menstrual disorders and endocrine disorders / can be served: Yuye Kanemaru Kanemaru and treatment of women is better /