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how oral pills

2017-12-7 20:32:01
  doctors, hello!  
     because my estrogen level is high, my doctor recommended oral Bazhen Yimu pill, which is what kind of drug is granules or tablets? How should I take it right? Taking the drug in two cases, there will be side effects?  
     (1, B-ultrasonic examination of the uterus and uterine fibroids larger, the right ovarian cyst each time period are dysmenorrhea, ahead of 5 - 6 days longer blood clots. 2,09 April uterine wall thickening 14mm and cervical polyps, were curettage.)  
     Thank you!  
2017-12-7 20:35:01
     like you should choose this surgery.  
2017-12-7 20:42:01
     Hello; of oral brown-black water pill, water pill once 6g, a small pill 9g, large pill once a pill, 2 times a day  
     mainly used for blood deficiency, stomach and weak, irregular menstruation, usually no side effects  
2017-12-7 20:49:01
     the pill, but your symptoms do not necessarily have good results.