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feet always numb

2017-11-15 03:40:01
  patients Gender: Female Age: 28  
     Detailed conditions and consultation purposes:  
     flow after February 17, these days are always numb feet and toes, always in his sleep awake anesthesia, is that What's going on, what disease it  
     The incidence and duration: four days  
2017-11-15 03:42:01
     feet numb mainly poor blood circulation, the lumbar spine will affect sick legs and feet numb. There will also cerebral numb legs and feet, so you still go to the hospital as soon as possible to check a good addition to identification of anemia is a very simple way. fingernail forced any tight photo, release immediately after nail into the pink, indicating that no anemia if anemia is a white to illustrate. things that a lot of anemia treatment, anemia treatment you can try prescription "three red soup"