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! pseudocondyloma specific treatment and preventive measures?

2017-7-17 22:52:01
     history:    vaginal test results: cleanliness 2; urine test results a few epithelial cells, white blood cells in 1 to 3,09 inspection October 11, good medicine for a few days, and now attack the  
        patient sex:    female  
        patients Age:    32  
        The onset and duration:    5 天  
     through online inquiry and comparison, I'm sure I got pseudocondyloma, especially after urinating itching, which is the second attack, and very painful, what should this treatment and prevention? Thank you !!!!!!!
2017-7-17 22:56:01
     pseudocondyloma not need treatment, do not worry, you can pay attention to local hygiene.  
2017-7-17 23:00:01
     this situation is the need to pay attention to aggressive physical therapy better  
     with anti- viral therapy better