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ring after surgery 40 days post-acute low back pain

2017-7-17 22:48:02
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    30  
        The onset and duration:    10 months -5 to November 27, No.  
     confinement when the weather is hot. every day, sweating. sweating and later blew air conditioning and now back pain every day. How is it going  
2017-7-17 22:49:01
     Hello, reasons 1, physiological calcium  
     body after childbirth is relatively weak at the dry state, post-natal mothers consumed a lot of energy, a lot of mothers are breastfeeding persist, calcium is also very serious, calcium deficiency can trigger back pain.  
     2, overwork  
     as pregnancy, skeletal system will change, slightly loose bone and joint, muscle ligament pull long, flexible down. Women's muscles, ligaments appear to be relatively weak compared with men, with some mothers usually poor physical fitness, and post-rest properly, standing and sitting lasting premature, resulting in a pregnancy when the relaxation of the sacroiliac ligament can not be restored, cause muscles, ligaments, connective tissue disorders caused pain.  
     3, posture  
     long fixed posture caused unilateral muscle fatigue, leading to post-partum back pain. Post-cold, living carelessly, and lumbosacral flash Cuoyao congenital kidney, may lead to postpartum back pain.