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I seem to face a lot of redness, go to the hospital

2017-7-17 22:36:01
  if I have a lot of face redness, go to the hospital the doctor said is off the overflow dermatitis, but also look half bad read, how to do, because the problem causing me to face suppressed  
2017-7-17 22:42:01
     red blood and the body's blood circulation system is directly related to wind, sun, heat stimulation, facial injuries meridian, leading to expansion of the blood disease; or congestion block the meridians , blood running sluggish, congestion block the skin, the blood vessels to expand; poor blood circulation, leading to difficult body of toxins excreted, will form a red blood. poor blood circulation and lack of vitamins and trace elements the body is directly related to The lack of these substances directly to the lack of flexibility in the capillary wall, resulting in expansion. Thus, the production of red blood caused by the interaction of a variety of reasons, a simple treatment for a cause can only be a temporary effect. a simple treatment is the use of cosmetics palliatives.  
2017-7-17 22:49:01
     main treatment is to keep the skin clean and limit the discretion of fat diet and treated with drugs. First, the limit fatty foods and sweets, such as fatty meat, butter cake, chocolate, eat more vegetables and fruit. Second, every night with warm water and soap or a boric acid coated with a small amount of sulfur soap wash. remove facial oily, clean skin. Third, follow the doctor's advice on medication, be patient and persist before being effective. four, it is worth noting that eat vitamin-rich food, especially vitamin A, eat food in moderation, liver, carrots, egg yolk, etc., to correct abnormal keratinization sebaceous hair follicles, preventing clogging hair follicles. Some studies, zinc deficiency can produce seborrheic dermatitis, food should be supplementary foods that are high in zinc, such as animal liver, lean meat, poultry, nuts, etc., to correct the relative lack of zinc in the human body. to avoid iodine diet is very important, because iodine diet can follicular keratosis or blockage, To control the kelp, seaweed and other seafood intake.  
2017-7-17 22:56:01
     according to the symptoms you describe the symptoms of inflammation may exist, I suggest you go to the hospital gynecological do some gynecological examination, B-ultrasonography and vaginal smears, and pathological examination! After a clear cause under the guidance of a doctor in the clinical treatment.  
2017-7-17 23:00:01
     redness is due to thinning of the stratum corneum, telangiectasia caused by .1. the cleanser replace his face The skin is thin, there is likely to be red blood cleanser wash out, the girls mostly with facial cleanser, but also more than once in a day, but in fact, so wash the skin damage is recommended that you put the cleanser into mild, for example Herborist gentle cleansing of miles, if it is winter or your skin is not very much oil, then wash your face do not use the cleanser morning to get a