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intrauterine residue and uterine contraction What are the symptoms?

2017-7-17 22:32:01
  bleeding after more than a month to do the flow of people, listening to others, there may be residual intrauterine or uterine contraction.  
     me is the 2009 February 12, the flow of people do. bleeding until mid-March, April 4th to the period after which up to now has been no special symptoms.  
     I want to ask next. so long I will have intrauterine or uterine contraction remains what these diseases?  
     intrauterine residues and uterine contraction have any effect on the body ah?  
        supplementary question 1:    (2009-10-28 14:59:50)  
     specific abnormal vaginal bleeding What is ah? flow more than a month later, in addition to my menstrual outside. ah no bleeding, vaginal discharge and no abnormal abdomen in addition to the time period are also better than a little pain, so that residue is not without intrauterine or uterine contraction ah?  
2017-7-17 22:35:01
     Hello, have irregular vaginal bleeding, a long time now, usually if there is abdominal discomfort or abnormal vaginal discharge should go to hospital for examination and treatment  
2017-7-17 22:42:01
     Hello according to what you said, it is recommended to review the hospital for a clear look at the uterus B-recovery