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period to see what disease I have?

2017-7-17 22:24:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    22  
        The onset and duration:    2 天  
     to this period, the amount is not much, but in the sanitary napkin to see things like mold, there is the same there as leucorrhea bloodshot eyes, I ask this is what disease? Thank you  
        supplementary question 1:    (2009-10-28 15:03:03)  
     doctors ah, I was doing last month, ectopic pregnancy laparoscopic surgery today `!  
2017-7-17 22:28:02
     hello, if you have sex before the proposed rule out the possibility of pregnancy.  
2017-7-17 22:35:01
     Hello This observation can be proposed under the guidance of a doctor oral medication adjustment period. Attention to hygiene to prevent infection regularly to the hospital  
2017-7-17 22:42:01
     may have vaginitis, I suggest you check into the hospital, a clear cause for treatment