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This is not a gynecological

2017-6-19 22:52:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    27  
        the times the incidence and duration:    4-5 months  
     recent wet pants always felt a little bit taste, how could this be?  
2017-6-19 22:56:01
     Hello! Consideration is vaginitis, and recommends routine vaginal infection is diagnosed later treatment, should pay attention to personal hygiene, frequently changes the underwear, used underwear, pots, towels, etc. should be scalded with boiling water to wash, and dried in the sun.  
2017-6-19 23:00:01
     may be caused by urinary tract infection, I suggest you check into the hospital, a clear cause for treatment  
2017-6-19 23:07:01
     Hello belong to gynecological problems, but to consider the specific vaginitis gynecological examination and secretions can do the tests  
2017-6-19 23:14:01
     vaginal discharge may be more, you can check whether there is a positive vaginitis and other gynecological inflammation