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Palace Endoscopic surgery costs

2017-6-19 22:48:02
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    24  
        the times the incidence and duration:    2 years  
     because of infertility, have been to many hospitals. more consistent answer is tubal blockage, but also after two times to clear the surgery, but still to no avail. doctors suggested a hysteroscopy, ask: Is this effective, cost? to stay in hospital a few days  
2017-6-19 22:49:01
     you have a good friend of hysteroscopic treatment blocked the effect of the ah, the hysteroscopic surgery generally costs around $ 5,000, ah  
2017-6-19 22:56:01
     should be doing laparoscopic surgery, usually takes four thousand dollars.  
2017-6-19 23:00:01
     places and in all hospital charges are different.