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pregnancy problems

2017-6-19 22:40:01
  work in the entertainment because I often drink alcohol get a home my wife is now 2 months pregnant she had to sleep with the heavy smell of alcohol will not affect the fetus ah  
2017-6-19 22:42:01
     Hello! Not much impact, it is recommended to do pregnancy checks, in 14-19 weeks pregnant to do screening for Down, 20 weeks pregnant choose the right hospital to establish a pregnancy test card on a regular basis to do a pregnancy test, pregnancy test card usually on the establishment of pregnancy 36 weeks ago inspected once every four weeks, pregnancy 36 weeks after the weekly check. In this process, if not you can check at any time to increase the number of visits. 22-26 weeks of pregnancy when need to be a four-dimensional ultrasound abnormal production front, four-dimensional fetal ultrasound can show three-dimensional color, surface, each organ development, and even in the state of the fetus in the womb can also be observed; of fetal malformations, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, skeletal abnormalities, cardiovascular malformations and other early diagnosis.  
2017-6-19 22:49:01
     you this would not affect fetal development.  
2017-6-19 22:56:01
     some impact, periodic inspection, pay close attention to fetal development  
2017-6-19 23:00:01
     your friends so influential on the baby, ah, it should be noted regularly during pregnancy to check the B-