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recurrent uterine fibroids

2017-6-19 22:36:01
  detect recurrent uterine fibroids, ultrasound report: posterior uterus, Palace size 6.9 * 5.5 * 6.4 in the palace wall see a number of substantial nodules, the largest 4.7 * 4.2 (posterior) 1.4 * 1.2 (anterior),  
     doctor advised a patient's blood vessels to retain the uterus removed, I do not know whether this is the best approach? Fujian Province, which hospital do? there complications?  
2017-6-19 22:42:01
     listed a hospital should can do, it may cause infection and so on.  
2017-6-19 22:49:01
     pathology! After a clear cause under the guidance of a doctor in the clinical treatment.