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menstrual intercourse

2017-6-19 22:20:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    22  
        The onset and duration :    do not know  
     hastily. hastily I menstrual intercourse with her husband now have two years. not pregnant once and I know for sure there is a problem. Does intercourse cause menstruation infertility due there the possibility of cure you?  
        supplementary question 1:    (2009-11-17 10:21:50)  
     Last month, I suddenly above the navel long body hair. a straight line up my point of view in a magazine that the symptoms of infertility hairy. What is it?  
2017-6-19 22:21:01
     intercourse during menstruation caused by infection, can cause infertility, need to check on the hospital look at what causes, re-treatment.  
2017-6-19 22:28:01
     period it is best not to the same room, this may increase the infection and the case of endometriosis  
2017-6-19 22:35:01
     suggested ovulation in the female intercourse. ovulation in women before menstruation 14 days in the ovulation period pregnancy sex life easier every time after sex can increase women's ass a pillow Xiadian chances of conception. if still difficult pregnancy, the best men and women have to check the men's semen to check whether there are sperm, the amount of sperm to the woman's pregnancy whether the number of how survival rate, (whether the phenomenon of dead sperm). the woman's egg is to check whether it is normal, whether normal ovulation, fallopian tube without clogging.  
2017-6-19 22:42:01
     menstrual period intercourse is prohibited, and easily lead to inflammation, infection, formation of endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, accessories go far, In addition, female sexual arousal when the uterine contractions may lead to blood reflux into the pelvic cavity, causing the plant lead to endometrial endometriosis, endometriosis is likely to affect the pregnancy, so it is necessary to avoid the menstrual period intercourse  
2017-6-19 22:49:01
     Do not you worry, first suggested both men and women 3-5 days of abstinence, in the same room to try ovulation, male maid or posterior position on sexual intercourse, and after each sexual intercourse Do not rush to pull out the penis after life, the woman's buttocks Xiadian pillows can also increase the chances of conception. sex life too often may also affect pregnancy. if it is still difficult pregnancy, you need both men and women abstinence 3-5 sky hospital. man checks semen analysis, female sex hormones checked six, basal metabolic rate, ovarian function, such immunological tests, advice and your loved one to a regular hospital for a full system check, a clear cause of infertility, targeted therapies. In general, have a normal sex life, not pregnant before considering possible infertility. normal sex life, probably are not pregnant before considering infertility.  
2017-6-19 22:56:01
     pregnancy is a complex physiological process, must have the following conditions: 1. discharge of normal ovarian egg 2 sperm with normal and abnormal sperm 3 eggs and sperm in the fallopian tube to meet and combine to become fertilized 4 eggs were successfully transported into the uterine cavity 5. endometrial have been fully prepared for implantation of these areas have any unusual, can hinder conception. hinder pregnancy may be due to the woman, or man may belong to both men and women is recommended to the hospital for detailed examination of the specific cause, symptomatic treatment! Do not miss the best time to pregnancy! I wish you health! G