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flow and sweating at night how to do the whole

2017-4-21 20:00:01
  Sex: Male  
     Age: 25  
     history: no  
     every night from New Year to the present flow and sweating, and sometimes fall asleep after waking up stream end in the flow of sweat. ask what reasons,  
     question added:  
     are single stage, about a year without sex, usually only themselves, I think the reason may be the kidney, hope the doctor can give point answer.  
2017-4-21 20:07:01
     Hello, based on your say This situation can be under the guidance of a doctor taking the LDB will be a good time for conditioning.  
2017-4-21 20:14:01
     you this, is sweating, which is physically weak performance of the water should be looking for old Chinese medicine to take, so as to fully take into account, the overall conditioning be foolproof.  
2017-4-21 20:21:01
     Hello friend, according to your current situation, we recommend a look at Chinese medicine, a comprehensive look at the conditioning, there is help for you of.