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polycystic ovary patients

2017-4-21 19:56:01
     history:    a few months ago there had been a long menstrual period symptoms  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
        The onset and duration:    20 天  
     I have polycystic ovary patients doctor gave me some hormone drugs but I am afraid afraid to give the body a long time to eat can be cured with polycystic ovary side effects ask you to pay attention to what life on a diet should pay attention to what?  
     disease can induce malignant transformation of other diseases you would do?  
2017-4-21 20:00:01
     can be cured, it is recommended for drug treatment. Drug therapy against the role of androgens can promote ovulation. The use of drugs, primarily oral contraceptives, drugs and can adjust the menstrual cycle. Generally take 3-6 months or so, after detection of the normal hormone levels after the drugs can be withdrawn. Laparoscopic surgery can also be considered, must go to a regular hospital. In laparoscopic surgery follicle puncture, the male hormone levels drop, so as to achieve therapeutic purposes.