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mild to moderate atrophic gastritis with atypical hyperplasia of how to treat?

2017-4-21 19:52:01
  Gender: Female  
     Age: 52 years old  
     history: no  
     I do multiple polyps of the stomach after surgery (do not know called painless gastroscope used What gas burned polyps) biopsy, the conclusion is: with mild to moderate atrophic gastritis with atypical hyperplasia.  
     main symptoms: eat less, often stomach discomfort , uncomfortable, often accompanied by stomach pain, chest men Tong, hiccup (chest like a lot of the total gas), difficult to sleep and sleep at night with pain in many places, such as many pain between the ribs (hard to sleep at night and over 10 years of pain between the ribs , and I am in pain, often in my mind like is to die)  
     respected experts, help me  
     question added:  
2017-4-21 19:56:01
     Hello, you first need to remove this psychological factors more specific treatment, I suggest you need to relax, take part with friends.