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2017-4-21 19:48:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    35  
     does primary amenorrhea can be cured?  
2017-4-21 19:49:01
     menstruation or amenorrhea has never been established menstrual cycle after stopping the phenomenon. Over 16 years, development of secondary sexual characteristics have yet to come through those over the age of 14 years or no development of secondary sexual characteristics were called primary amenorrhea, menstrual cramps and had to stop for six months or three cycles are called secondary amenorrhea. Amenorrhea due to a functional and organic are two hypothalamic - pituitary - ovarian axis dysfunction due to amenorrhea amenorrhea is functional; organic factors are genital hypoplasia, cancer, trauma, chronic wasting disease (such as tuberculosis), etc. Best to a regular hospital checks to determine the specific cause of symptomatic drug treatment again.