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diarrhea, dry mouth at night repeated attacks

2017-4-21 19:48:01
  Sex: Male  
     Age: 25  
     history: no  
     cause: a bowl of willow side,  
     stool shapeless, with yellow water, severe watery. Cold, greasy, diarrhea after eating alkaline foods  
     in medicine, antibiotics are not obvious  
     issues added:  
2017-4-21 19:49:01
     diarrhea, stomach pain? If pain, then it should be suffering from chronic enteritis, and if hurt at the same time feel so weak, I wonder if you are disgusted by the smell of oil or smell like smoke flavor when cooking when there is no feeling of nausea? If so, then I suggest you go to the hospital in the morning to do a fasting liver function tests to see as to prevent the occurrence of hepatitis (hepatitis have a sustained fever).