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have bad breath how to do???

2017-3-21 07:00:01
  would like to ask about bad breath and those factors???  
     I am 21 years old, he felt like if there is bad breath in 10 years, and I can not feel ah! I have done the check!  
     not have dental problems, respiratory system did not have to, I do a gastroscopy, the result is chronic antral gastritis with bile reflux, the other did not go check the  
     I would like to ask me what causes bad breath, or do I need to check in that regard.  
     Thank you looking for more replies  
     first question to add: (2008-3-149:28:30) like nose out of gas it is difficult to hear the same! but I do not feel ah!!!!  
     to add a second question: (2008-3-1516:46:31) non-prescription drugs metronidazole and tinidazole or what? ? ? ? If you want to confirm is not because of gastrointestinal or respiratory infections caused by anaerobic or facultative anaerobic bacteria, I want to do those checks? ? ? ?  
2017-3-21 07:07:01
     bad breath is not a simple oral diseases, and endocrine disorders, dysfunctional organs, gastrointestinal product heat, Wei Huo Sheng have a relationship, on the one hand you have to pay attention to diet and lifestyle, but we also need drug treatment, preferably with traditional Chinese medicine for treatment.  
     of TCM and bad breath treatment:  
     1, anger Kang Sheng, exhausting quail salivary position.  
     2, gastrointestinal evil stored up wet heat toxin, Firelight hyperactivity, and upside head, eyes, mouth, throat, sewage down the evil caused by stomach knot.  
     3, damage to the body fluid of stomach yin, empty fire steam; Lung damage is on the air against the red; fine blood damage within the virtual knot fire swelter, due to Yin-chun loss.  
     4, Spleen Qi stagnation, cold and heat each end, lift loss due to the Division.  
     5, climate, mental , dietary factors, resulting in stomach disloyal, and qi stagnation, food product; uncomfortable feeling caused by anger Fan Wei, Shu qi is not due.  
     bad breath is not a signal of various diseases ignored, so the drug treatment of bad breath must also have the following effects:  
     1, adjustment disorders to restore the function of organs;  
     2, remove the root cause of bad breath resulting pathogenic microorganisms and toxins produced;  
     3, can quickly remove the stench compounds in the gas directly to its combination of scientific and reasonable biological extract, formulation of synergies between components, can produce powerful effects. The series of human organs and endocrine drugs from the start, deep conditioning, liver qi, adjusting intestinal camp stomach, Yin cooling, the endocrine balance, fully clear the body of accumulated toxins to achieve the increase in the immune, comprehensive regulation of human organs and meridians, regulate endocrine, Yin Jiang Huo, detoxification, rapid removal of the effect of bad breath.  
2017-3-21 07:14:01
     First, we must pay great attention to oral hygiene, every morning, before going to bed and brush our teeth after meals seriously, if necessary, with toothbrush or a clean towel, gently brushing the tongue.  
     Secondly, smoking, alcohol; diet is relatively light, avoid eating raw, pungent, smell (such as garlic , onions, leeks, tofu, etc.) and stodgy, greasy (high protein, high fat) food; eating too fast; more water, eat more fruits and vegetables and legumes; lifestyle law, to feel comfortable; take part in physical exercise. Chinese medicine, the gastrointestinal tract have bad breath is "hot", so try to eat to help advocate bad breath in the hot and cold food temperature, amount of heat to eat some of the consumer hot food.  
     3, in the treatment, the first treatment of the primary disease for oral, digestive, respiratory and other diseases can cause bad breath, to actively carry out the appropriate treatment; because bad breath is often more As the mouth or digestive tract infections caused by anaerobic or facultative anaerobic bacteria, so it can take tinidazole or metronidazole (longer than 7 days), which is a treatment of anaerobic or facultative anaerobic bacteria drugs; bad breath caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, H. pylori cure can take the drug. You can also use the medicine Perrin with 10 grams of water to drink brew (that is, as places like the tea to brew a cup of tea to drink Perrin) day 1 - 2 times better than some chewing gum to make; knocking teeth is also a good way: closed lips, gently knocking teeth 100-300 times, during which the phenomenon may have increased saliva, small mouth slowly swallowed, do 2-3 a day times, not only bad breath treatment of oral diseases have a good effect, you may wish to try;  
2017-3-21 07:21:01
     regularly check for periodontal disease, dry mouth syndrome or other diseases. to maintain good oral hygiene, eliminating periodontal disease, your dentist regularly and scaling, cleaning teeth, can be effective in reducing bad breath. regardless of bad breath What is the main cause, good oral hygiene is still the most important, brush teeth twice a day and a teeth cleaning, if dentures at night to remove the rest, only after the next day wearing a clean back, so on bad breath eliminate all very helpful  
     bad breath is a common clinical disease. suffering patients cited, not only offensive, but were also often communication, negotiation and frustration. to help patients eliminate bad breath, bad breath all the performance characteristics and the treatment method, light is as follows.  
     stomach fire bad breath: Fan Wei more evil caused by the hot its license in addition to bad breath outside Each side naked and hot, thirsty to drink cold, or sore tongue, or swollen gums, pus and bleeding should be clear diarrhea stomach fire. suitably Qingwei Powder (berberine, Cimicifuga, habitat, Dan, gypsum, Angelica) rule. constipation were to increase the yellow.  
     food product bad breath: more from the fullness Shang Wei, reduce food stagnation in the stomach caused by its certificate mouth acid rancid taste, abdominal pain, bloating, no appetite, belching, bad breath, etc. should be digestion dredge, dredge security and citrus aurantium pills or pills, can be used with the disease.  
     heat sputum bad breath: more from the heat or hot Fanfei sputum purulent sputum Ikuhisa rot caused by its permit in addition to bad breath, every cough and spit phlegm or pus and blood, chest pain, short breath, etc. should be Qingfei Phlegm. purulent rot were not , suitably small Xianxiong Tang (Pinellia, berberine, Trichosanthes) rule; festering rot, it is appropriate daughter of reed stems soup (peach, reed stems, melon son, yi) Modified rule.  
     Hot bad breath: more heat caused by the deficiency of Health. and see the nose, bad breath and dry cough, dry stools, waiting for the weakness of Yin when moist lungs, it is appropriate to save Qingzao lung Tom (gypsum, mulberry, almond, loquat leaf, ginseng, Ophiopogon, gelatin, Hu Maren, licorice) of the cut rule; bad breath and see the upset and anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitching, Zhao Jia is not China, for the liver Yinxue loss when Yinxue liver tonic. with Suanzaorentang (Semen, Fu Shen, Anemarrhena Rhizoma, licorice) combined 4-Wu-Tang (Rehmannia, angelica root, white peony root) addition and subtraction rule, the effect is quite good. bad breath while and see Yaotuisuanruan, nocturnal emission dreams, dry mouth and throat, worse at night, as kidney damage, relative to fire reckless of the card. with Zhibai Dihuang Yin Jiang Huo, Jiufu will experience.  
2017-3-21 07:28:01
     When gastroscopy done? Has hp of infection? Stimulation of bile on the gastric mucosa and gastritis caused by long-term healing. Bile reflux can cause atrophic gastritis. Bile on the gastric mucosa antacids do not much use, with multiple causes gastric mucosal atrophy is recommended that traditional Chinese medicine is better, because the traditional Chinese medicine on liver and kidney no effect. You can visit our website, you will help.  
     in Yan-fang, director  
2017-3-21 07:35:01
     Hong Kong Hong Prevention Center Snickers bad breath is from the gastrointestinal and oral combination treatment of bad breath body, you can go to Hong Kong Hong Snickers bad breath Prevention Center website online medical consultation for their own specific situation there is a good treatment .  
2017-3-21 07:42:01
     outlet mouth of bad breath is foul smell of a disease, and more significant when the performance of breath odor, brush our teeth is difficult to eliminate , including chewing gum, using cleaning agents are difficult to cover, is an odor from the bottom of the internal.  
     main causes of bad breath is due to improper diet, or eating too much spicy food, and over-exerting adverse lifestyle factors such as the spleen failure, gastrointestinal function, the lack of normal food digestion in the intestines, large quantities of food can not be excreted dregs, the more positive the more, the formation of toxins into the intestinal wall blood, which caused injury to internal organs of various diseases. The deposition of dross in the intestines of food stagnation heat over time will produce odors, up evaporation, through the mouth and nasopharynx part of the formation of bad breath.  
     Therefore, to cure bad breath you must first remove the intestinal wall and organs in the blood of toxins, the stomach back to normal, the food dregs deposited in the intestines to be excreted, the eradication of the formation of bad breath The first part, to restore health to cure bad breath.  
     nine concentrate on the stomach by regulating the treatment of bad breath is a temporary solution for the problem.  
     nine concentrate (probiotics) can effectively remove bad breath and mouth odor, use of probiotics to establish good oral microflora and gastrointestinal microbial environment is the key to treatment of bad breath , a variety of probiotics in the oral cavity and gastrointestinal flora by adjusting the imbalance and inhibit odor strains over-breeding, so this treatment than the traditional method of treatment has incomparable superiority, bad breath is not only to solve the awkward, but also relieve many gastrointestinal diseases.  
     nine care of gastrointestinal Four Steps  
     normalization of symptoms --- symptoms of the disease (for Standard: take 1 week): repeated attacks of diarrhea, stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, blood and pus and blocking nausea and other symptoms, appetite improved, smooth bowel movements, gastrointestinal symptoms to achieve the overall direction of change to rehabilitation;  
     root of the problem --- the normalization of gastrointestinal function (for this: take 1 month): repair damaged cells, to achieve the gastrointestinal immune system, the distribution of the gastrointestinal flora, the gastrointestinal microcirculation, gastric motility, gastrointestinal and digestive gland secretion of digestive functions such as the normalization;  
     seek the normalization of the overall function of this ---- (find this: take 2 months): to achieve the human digestive system and the nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems and operating systems feature the normalization of gastrointestinal function at this stage completely back to normal;  
     consolidate self-healing capacity of normal --- technology (to support this: insist on taking): realization of human gastrointestinal disease resistance, self-healing ability and the ability to maintain a healthy self-normalization, to achieve complete normalization of gastrointestinal variety of clinical symptoms, diseases, and ultimately to achieve a complete recovery!  
     consumer feedback: effect of nine visible  
     1. bloating, stomach pain, back acid hiccups: taking nine onset concentrate for 30 minutes.  
     2. does not shock appetite, indigestion: taking nine concentrate 2-3 days, significantly increased appetite, digestive function significantly improved.  
     3. bad breath, loose stool, stool frequency: 3-6 taking nine days of concentrated liquid can be effectively controlled.  
     4. distension, abdominal pain occur frequently: take nine concentrate 10-15 days, inflammation, ulcers gradually been restored, abdominal distension, abdominal pain significantly reduced or even disappear .  
     5. nine concentrate detoxification effect: taking nine concentrate, stool odor, bad breath disappear fast.  
     6. pale, cold and other common diseases continue: taking nine concentrate for 30 days, bifidobacteria become normal, gastrointestinal immune system will greatly improve a person's mere mention of the gas well, a cold decreased significantly.