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menstrual problems must be quickly answered the doctor, emergency doctor must

2017-3-21 06:56:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    24  
     I recently went to the hospital because of vaginal a check, that my doctor with a cotton swab to take vaginal discharge vaginal deep area, I was hurt, but did not see the blood, after a few days to see yellow vaginal films always have the feeling, especially when Zhuji even more serious and a lot of vaginal discharge, the doctor I want to know, is not my hymen has been broken, call the doctor must answer me, thank you.  
2017-3-21 07:07:01
     doctors sampling, should not hurt the hymen, if the hymen is broken, there will be bleeding.  
     leucorrhea results?  
2017-3-21 07:14:01
     Hello, This is usually caused by inflammation.