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on digestive problems

2017-3-21 06:56:01
  patients Gender: male  
     patient age: 22  
     Detailed conditions and consultation purposes: when hungry these days, "stomach" severe beating, startled startled, like pulse. Are 1-2 times one day before the stool, usually 1, and now there is often a sense of urgency, stool frequency 2-3 times into one day. This is why? Conditioning to how it does?  
     (2008-3-813:47:28) 3,4 days ago, the law of the stool start is not normal, a little stomach flatulence, diarrhea 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the stool black (pure black) and the taste of a drainage ditch. Pull three times, eating pills like intestines and stomach. In order to try to eat it if there will be no black, no dinner last night, woke up the morning after the out of the stool or black, the smell is not strong yesterday, but also shape, and shiny. So far the stomach is still a little flatulence. The morning to eat a bowl of porridge, or a similar feeling hungry.  
     normal diet may be the reason, the stomach often appear flatulence.  
     2.3 months ago, had stool, bright red blood, a slight anal discomfort.  
     first question to add: (2008-3-813:47:28)  
     meal at noon today ( White rice + fish + spinach egg drop soup), and then pull once, or black, dark green can also be said, wiping with toilet paper, paper in hand, the color is dark green, into blocks of black.  
     second question added: (2008-3-910:19:58)  
     today to do a stool occult blood tests, normal, but today is not yesterday's black stool, was darker than the brown color of points, rub in the hand or the paper is dark green color. In addition, the hospital only a few minutes testing time. This process problems, or neglect it?  
     today to climb the stairs and found a small amount of movement let his breathing accelerated. Last night before going to sleep lying down breathing more heavily, like a sense of the stomach be emptied.  
     additional tests: fecal occult blood test  
     added the third question: (2008-3-1010:24:38) normal stool is now all right? ?  
2017-3-21 07:07:01
     your symptoms are caused by long-term gastrointestinal dysfunction, is Xu Zheng, month of treatment can be effective in about half a year to recover