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not pregnant how to do a year of marriage?

2017-3-21 06:52:01
  doctors Hello, I got married a year has not been pregnant, to the hospital a tubal, vaginal B-, small follicles, I am worried, how do?  
2017-3-21 06:56:01
     recommended to try intercourse during ovulation, women's ovulation date is generally in the next 14 days or so before menstruation. The next first day of menstruation date, last fourteen days or less fourteen days is the ovulation day, ovulation days and five days before and after four days together called ovulation, sperm of a man woman reproductive tract can be fertilized to maintain two to three days, so in the days before and after the ovum is easy to conceive sexual intercourse, each time after sex can increase women's ass underlay a pillow .. the chances of pregnancy if the pregnancy is still difficult, the both men and women need to abstinence three to five days on the hospital. man search: semen, sperm quality. woman check: six hormones and B-, we recommend that you and your loved one to a regular hospital for a comprehensive system of inspection, clear infertility reasons, targeted therapies.  
2017-3-21 07:07:01
     normal women of reproductive age once every month ovulation, ovulation usually come in the next two weeks before menstruation. Ovulation is the main organ dominate the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovary axis. Anovulatory women is not due to a pituitary ovulation, ovulation is not the hypothalamus, central nervous system do not ovulate, brain disease, autoimmune or psychiatric factors, women do not ovulate as long as the first identification of the cause, for the cause of positive, proper treatment, normal ovulation, the chance of pregnancy is very high.