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reflux esophagitis gastritis

2017-3-21 06:44:01
  patients Gender: Female  
     patient age: 51  
     detailed conditions and consultation purposes: I am the esophagus to the stomach acid and burning sensation four years eat for half a year of Chinese medicine is not effective, the symptoms disappeared after serving Western Oak. withdrawal symptoms a month to restore service . now I do not know how treatment is better, please doctors guidance.  
2017-3-21 06:49:01
     Hello, I suggest you be a check, the treatment can take Jin Aokang + domperidone, inhibit reflux, and gastric mucosal protective agents eat: such as sucralfate. peacetime Eat light, do not eat greasy, too sour, too sweet food, so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion, increased reflux and condition should be slowly, avoid overeating. to avoid strong that drinking tea, spirits, strong coffee and eating spicy, cold, heat and rough food.