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Donnie Yen sexy trained to teach you how to properly build

2011-7-11 11:30:07
to do as a perfect man like Donnie Yen
    Donnie Yen book radiates the charm of a mature male, masculine beauty, with a robust body of Donnie Yen in life but always exudes a casual and casual. In the Shanghai Film Festival, he also makes his wife feel his meticulous gentleman. No wonder there are many female fans mad for him, calling him a perfect man.
    Many people are concerned about how Donnie Yen trained six sexy abs, you know this is a dream many men practice the body.
    Donnie Yen is very happy smile. Both a public figure is kung fu star, behind the scenes in many martial arts, Donnie Yen of course pay attention to their body. He twice a week to the gym, every half an hour. As is often dangerous to shoot action scenes, Donnie Yen must adhere to exercise, a strong body, in order to maintain the flexibility of the body, so also try to avoid being injured in the shooting.
    Donnie Yen warned beginners: abdominal exercises is a very boring exercise, in order to reduce fat and well-developed muscles, and sometimes had to do hundreds of sit-ups and hanging leg raise, so to maintain a passion. If you're tired of abdominal exercises, do not give up, only the strong-willed people who can practice the beautiful muscles.
    To develop the shape of the muscles, the larger the load strength exercises more effective. In power do what practice to follow, the principle of gradual and orderly progress. Warm-up before you do strength training exercises, exercises should be prepared after finishing activities, to reduce muscle injury and pain have a good effect. Some sports are very good on the shoulder of the role of development, such as swimming, especially the butterfly.
   Now no time for urban white-collar men into a fitness center, Donnie Yen, for example: sitting in the office can take, and then lift the leg straight, a few centimeters from the ground, legs to move around slowly, respectively, close up, while keeping , down a little rest, then repeat this action, you can achieve the effect of abdominal exercise.
    In the diet, Donnie Yen is made. Usually eat very aware that absolutely do not eat high-fat, high calorie, greasy things. Daily intake of calories not too much, do not eat pungent food. For example: tea, alcohol, raw, cold, hard, spicy food.
    Donnie Yen also particularly praised the soup frequently to his wife. Southerners soup is focusing on nutrition, they will be very nutritious herbs as food. Often sit up all night shoot for night play Donnie Yen, the drinking bowl of soup can be added one day loss of nutrients. Donnie Yen also know that northerners are not used to the soup, he suggested to always add vitamin and calcium-rich foods.
    Numerous times in the back of thrilling action, Donnie Yen is paid by the hardships he suffered many injuries. As an action star but also to pay attention to your body, behind the Yen fitness sweat and blood. The rigidity of a man who had a minor injury with a smile: not a single action actor did not hurt. Man is trained with sweat.