drug name huadan li shuang yinhuamiyanling piece

pinyin huadan lishuang traits

specifications each weighing 0.5g

storage airtight moisture 10 ~ 30 save

packaging materials pvc rigid sheet and pharmaceutical packaging ptp aluminum foil

0.5g 12 2 version/ box 0.5g 12 3 version/ box

is valid for 24 months

implementation of the standards the state food and drug administration standards ybz04512004

approval number medicines quasi-word z19991090


company name jilin kang pharmaceutical co., ltd.

honeysuckle half lotus flat storage qumai shiwei chuan mu tong plantago light bamboo mistletoe rushes

it can be used to reduce the phagocytic activity of macrophages in rat urine wbc urinary tract infections and bacteria while increasing the amount of urine 10 hours animal experiments show that the product also has anti-inflammatory and increase role

tonglin dampness detoxification for acute pyelonephritis acute cystitis see under the coke heat syndrome fever, chills urinary urgency urinary tract irritation or hematuria back pain and other

orally once four tablets 4 times a day two weeks for a course may even serve three courses or as directed

during pregnancy , lactation