chinese characters medical

pinyin y xu ln zh

idioms explain human life and activities in medical research to improve health disease prevention extend life expectancy has increased an existing knowledge of traditional chinese medicine and chinese labor western two systems

lunzhu a theory conferences and writings

2 works with the study of

medicalrefers to relevant medical articles and books such as the compendium of materia medica daughter prescriptions etc.

idiom usage predicate object

now you go back and look at examples of relevant medical lunzhu

related information

development of human medicine today, twenty-first century is mainly formed of oriental medicine that is mainly refers to chinese medicine tcm other world that is traditional medicine and western medicine, western medicine tibetan mongolian and other two branches of both fusion and the formation of a third form of integrative medicine a comparative study of chinese and western medicine from the land of medicine and the medical field to the modern systems

is a manifestation of medical papers in the common form of the genre with a specific concept that it is the outcome of research and clinical experience of their own experience of teaching text works with strict logical argument specification is medical papers formed the most typical and representative of stylistic medicalshould have four characteristics

1. in a relatively standardized form of writing requirements include title author name author territorial zip meet the requirements of the chinese problem content summary english abstract key ( 3-8 ) introduction ( introduction ) information ( materials) and methods results discussion ( experience ) and references to the content ( lunzhu word more than a few words should be 25003000 )

2. medicalis the author of the basic material ( primary data ) that they have possession of departure through scientific analysis and demonstration finishing rigorously derived normative arguments and form written works

3. conclusion medicalexpressed relatively clear and credible quality and academic papers higher value

4.should be disposable medical literature (including evidence-based medicine system evaluation )

stylistic structure

papers with the normative content and featuresrequired simultaneously published in mainstream journals legitimate public offering (non- supplement or academic conference proceedings ) is set on whether the journal publishedcolumn were determined that the paper belongsif the paper does not have the normative content and featuresrequired even if the paper is choreography in publications (especially legal publication) ofsection of the paper can not be identified genus

effective journals journals effective means approved by the press and publication administration and the national science and technology commission official journals were incorporated into the national unity and to the press and publication administration issues website (see further reading ) check out the official journal published in the official issn journals by the international standard serial number (issn) and national unity issn (cn) composed of two parts (cn china's country code ) lack of national unity issn or internal newspaper printing permit can be considered illegal in china in addition to the foreign public official journal issued identification number with a country have an influence on public recognition of foreign journals and papers published outside the country should be selected on the legal journals

valid papers 1. summary of cases asked not be identified as valid papers ( by three or more peer experts there except higher academic standards )

2. articles proofs republication supplements are not recognized as a valid notification papers

3. spontaneous text republication date on the same journal the same period two (including two ) or more papers ( lunzhu ) only identified as an ; republication on the same year three different effective internal domestic listing of department-level professional journals or periodicals three or more papers ( lunzhu ) is only identified as two

4difference editors and papers from the surface, not much difference , especially medicine journal editors are both difficult to distinguish clearly even

lunzhu refers argumentative book ( dictionary )) with research works ( chinese dictionary throw ; on conferences and writing later on argumentative writings also known lunzhu ( ciyuan throw while on the interpretation of the paper is to discuss some issues research article ( chinese dictionary ; is a more systematic and academic papers devoted to research some of the knowledge article ((( writing tutorial east china normal university press) ; scientific papers should discuss some of the important experimental the theoretical or new knowledge or observation of a known principle in practical applications progress ((( how to write scientific papers )) , us m o'connor waiting ) from these to

people's republic of china to meet national standards for inspection only scientific and technical reports dissertations and academic papers written format (see international udc001 "t; 81 gb7713 87) periodicalsnot found written in the format according to the state press and publication administration ( new out so no. 17) on the issuance of