Pinyin: shēn Radical: The body of the Ministry of Foreign strokes: 0 Total Strokes: 7

Wubi 86: TMDT Wubi 98: TMDT Cangjie: HXH

stroke number: 3,251,113 square number: 27400 Unicode: CJK Unified Ideographs U +8 EAB [1] swastika grid in the word "body"

Edit this paragraph the basic meaning of words, people, the body of the animal, the main part of the object: ~ hindquarters. People ~. ~ Timber. ~ Segment. The boat ~~. The tree ~~.

2, refers to human life or the life: ~ World. Xian ~.

3, personally, I: Self ~. Pro ~. To teach. To the physical line.

4, system status, moral character of the people: a ~. ~ Points (fèn). ~ Ruined.

5, pregnant, pregnant: ~ pregnant.

6, quantifiers, refers to a set of clothes: a ~ children new clothes. [1]

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1 (Pictograms. Elephant Man shaped original meaning: the general term for the body)

2 with the original meaning [body]

body, bow also. The shape of the Elephant Man. - Eastern Han · Xushen "said the text." According to the original meaning of the body is the human torso.

must sleep ceremony, long a half. - The "Analects Xiangdang"

since the items below above the heel, a total that body. Neck following more shares, too, said the body. - Wang Shu's "Jing Yi Shu Wen

people one hundred of their body. - Poetry Qin Feng · Yellow Bird

body also, pro branches also. - "The Book of Rites Duke Ai asked

body also parents remains also. - The "Book sacrifice righteousness"

their body skin hunger, depletion of their body. - Mencius "from the fortune heart Correctional

body first. - "Songs Nine Songs of Shame"

mincemeat muddy not afraid to stay plainer in the world. - The Ming Yu Qian "lime Yin"

(Yuan Lap) foot shoe tiger not A, the body relies on the Great Wall. - The Ming Niyuan Lu Yuan Festival atlanto Sima like praise

Xiang Bo, also drew his sword dance, often to the the body wing shield covering up, Zhuang shall strike. - "Shi Ji Xiang Yu Ji the body of

Youwang is died under Lishan world laugh. - "The Annals"

3, another example: around money (carry money); body products (body); the body partner (side); around them (paste known to wait on the slaves, concubines); single separation ( the man's head and torso separately. refers killed); body calamity (that the body was the plague); body lattice window (the window of the body, refers to the ears); the penniless (figuratively poor)

4, the main part of the object [main The body of a structure]

fir, pine needles Bo body; cypress, Kashiwaba loose body. - "Mailyard wood"

hai two six. - "The Zuo Xianggong three decades

5 Another example: the tree itself; the Heshen

6, own, own [oneself; self]

Free can not be won, and, as the State of Song laugh. - "Han Feizi Five Bookworms"

far by the number of the world recently, and body. - Qing xi "Yuanjun"

I three times daily. - "The Analects of Confucius School"

is also responsible for the body weight weekly almost? - Don Han Yu "original destroyed the"

quasi resigned Yu the purpose (Yuan Lap) Patent life. - Ming DONG QICHANG "section of the Huan Yuan male line like"

7, another example: the body has (itself refers to their own thing); around them (other than their own, outside itself); itself transgression (to themselves and negligence)

8 life , lives [life]

affairs this point, I may not love the body. - Song Wen Tianxiang "guide recorded subsequent

9 Another example: devotion; selfless; heroes

10, status or identity [status] after

for fear or competing to Jongmyo, boat, body name, Jun pet , no different from the taro Yan. - Qing Zhou Rong line Elderly Biography "

11, Another example: the body were all Thai (material life in affluence, fame is also sublime); the body ground the (origin the status)

12, lifelong, life [lifetime]

line of almost righteousness of transit, tour almost "poetry" and the source of the "book", no fans passers always leaves its source, end times daily just carry on. - Don Han Yu, "A Sampson book"

13, another example: behind bust (after death situation bleak the survived by industry, money or children)

1,, person, person [personally]

Yu Wang Tianxia also body executive Lei ballast a people first. - "Han Feizi Five Bookworms" the body rate Yizhou

General congregation for Qinchuan. - "Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang Chuan"

2 Another example: stereo (personal experience)

1, pregnancy [conceive; be pregnant]

any pregnant Health article king. - "Poetry Taiga Ming dynasty." Big responsibility: the mother of King Wen of Zhou

and to thy thinking you also, more fear greatly sad, it is provided that day call the wine, got drunk. Of - Qing Lin Juemin, with his wife and the book

2 Another example: the body has (A woman who becomes pregnant); pregnant (pregnancy); [learn through practice]

Yao, Shun's body Rui (pregnant)

3 experience also; soup, Wu body also; Hegemons, false also. - Mencius

4, play [take on]

in, Yin child from the home Governor then and the body of any of the parents from the Yan. - Ming Li Zhi "Warring States On

5 served [hold the the post of]

since Fengtian into g body in military Pioneer. - "A of New Tang"

1 for clothes [suit]. Such as: a clothes [1]

Edit this paragraph commonly used phrases [1]

suffer body

the love body


shelter the music the industry

settle down

An As the music

place of refuge at

the safe haven

saddle separated from the horse, A leave the body the Horseback

saddle separated, separated from the body

A freelance

go body pathless

body of sin

-owned body

the the installed the body of

comfortable body

the switch to Punta body

governance body



Slim clean line


turned whole body with

the writings Dengshen

the column itself

whole body

the in body

the cause itself


throw the body

the exposure

the quality body

stay out


Zhu Fawen body

and own

alone Guying

lifelong fear for



own no guarantee

acceptance of fate shelter

to life the Body


array catching body

the whole body

the heavy the body


his life for justice

Edit this paragraph dialect sinks ◎ Cantonese: gyun1 san1

◎ Hakka: [ Hailufeng cavity] shin1 off English dictionary] shin1 [Sha Tau Kok cavity] sin1 [Bao'an cavity sin1 the Taiwan four county chamber siin1 [Lufeng cavity shin1 [Dongguan cavity sin1 Meixian cavity] shin1 [Hakka Pinyin vocabulary sin1 [1]

the edit the the this paragraph juān body (juān) poison -

India ancient name of the river basin. First appeared in the "Historical Records" the earliest translation for India. Original Sanskrit Sindhu, the ancient Persian falsely Hindhu, ancient Greek into Indus. Subsequently the ancient Chinese literature as Shen poison, Sim head, reliability, body, Tianzhu, Yin beans and India are homophones translation. The field sometimes also including the South Asian subcontinent region east of the Indus River. the

Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian Han Dynasty, BC, about 128 years to reach the big summer west of the Pamir heard in large Xia Dongnan thousands of miles thinking you poison the country, and from the body poison countries trafficked Qiong see big summer Zhu Zhang and Shu cloth. Zhang Qian Han Xinan big summer while the body is toxic in large Xiadong Nan, the body of the drug should be not far from China Shujun. Han Wudi listen to the remark, from four points to make Shujun attempt from China's southwest regional poison by the body leading to a big summer, but local minority blocked without success. It is contained in the "Han Western Regions", in the 2nd century toxic to the body geography property, religion, political situation has been a preliminary understanding; and know who is currently the drug in many parts of both the "Yuezhi", that is, your early Cream Empire (Kushan). This is due to the Eastern Han Dynasty, Buddhism was introduced to China's sake.