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words: body

Pinyin: xíngtǐ


① body; posture: body lived and spirit still exist; physical training. The shape and structure of the

②: the body of the text; literacy beginning to suffer from the body of discrimination.


1 body

2 employer. and structure

3 physique

edit this paragraph, sentences and usage from these things, he can thus appreciate more complex shapes, or a combination of several physical body. the beauty of the body

From these he can go on to appreciate more complex forms or combinations of several forms.

2. careful analysis rather than the beauty of the colors and elegance, beauty is better than physical beauty.

In beauty, that of favor, is more than that of color; and that of decent and gracious motion, more than that of favor.

edit this paragraph physiology noun refers to the human body or human form of constitution. "Su asked Elder naive theory:" The body does not shield spirit lingers, can also be a few hundred. "Seven or eight, liver failure, and tendons can not move, Tiangui dried, fine, kidney failure, are extremely compact." Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph to explain the basic 1 [shape (of a person's body); physique; form of structure]: body shape

biologists shaping the physical integrity of the Chinese ape model

the body attitude. - Qing Xue concept Paris painting Kee

2. [Form and structure: objects shape its structure

of in the English body far different

Edit this paragraph detailed explanation body. "Zhuangzi Dasheng": "Sarkozy the 7th, has precipitated forget I have four body also the" Jenkin treasure "Immortals" volume twenty: "mole cricket's meals do go, come again are slightly larger than the body, which means of each different. the Northern Qi Yan Zhitui "Family Instructions final heart:" Physical lived and spirit still exist. "Qing Li Yu Xian Qing Ou Ji sound tolerance · Select posture:" Physical dimension Ho? eyebrow hair articulate, ear, nose, hand, foot, like. "

2. image; shape. Song sheets contained "Zhang Zi Quotations": "Rationalist no body, say you and the right to go, his deeds held then the cable people too much." Tian Beihu "On the article Origins": "literacy beginning, suffer from body of discrimination, Rhythm of the similarities and differences but rely Hutchison asked. "

3. boundaries; geographical. "Zhou to official · then people": "field to the diagram on the land, made the county rustic body of Zheng Xuan Note: classics, body, are the so-called system boundaries also." Zhou Xia official Sima " shaped Fang sergeant four people "Han Zheng Xuan Note: shaped Fang Fang Bangguo of the main four-body."