hymen is located in the of meatal rear vestibular rear of the vaginal opening. Its periphery with a thin layer of the mucosal folds

hymen women in the vagina and vaginal vestibule at the boundary, a thin film-like tissue around the vaginal opening. Also known as vaginal membrane.

hymen Hymen, it is to cover up the hole in the center in women's vagina, I layer film, its location in the vaginal opening, at the junction of the vagina and vaginal vestibule. The vagina is in the lower part of the labia majora after the depression (depression depth of approximately 2 to 3 cm), it is often mistaken for the hymen is in the vagina inside. The pros and cons of the hymen radiate pink or translucent, with the same color of the surrounding mucosa. Surface wet. The girl's hymen is small and thick, with the maturation of female body, the hymen will gradually become large and thin, and a certain toughness. Adult woman's hymen is about 1 to 2 mm thick, the during which contains connective tissue, capillaries and nerve endings. The hymen central, usually have a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm holes, medically known as "hymen hole menstruation is eliminated from the body through the small holes. The shape of each of the apertures are not the same, according to the shape of the openings, the hymen holes can be divided into circular, oval, annular, screen-shaped, umbrella, stars trilobal, star, septum separating shaped, crescent , half-moon, lip and other 30 kinds. Common hymen hole of the round and oval. In the Arab world, the crescent-shaped hymen hole is considered the most precious according to this hymen rare, on average only about 15 per 100,000. In fact, the the hymen holes of any shape, its physiological function and there is no difference, precious or more out of the question. "Hymen marks: usually, hymen hole can slowly insert one finger, but there are exceptions, and some girls may inherently hymen hole, as some people have some sort of congenital defects. Some movie fiction, often single cloth upper class with many blood woman virginity imprint, give people the impression that this is nothing more than Virgin hymen rupture will be the first time living massive bleeding. From a medical point of view, this is not quite exact. In fact, the rupture of the hymen, does not like the large blood vessels rupture as bleeding profusely bleeding mostly small, only a few drops or dozens of blood, some women might not even have a drop of blood. The hymen rupture after intercourse, surrounded by irregular, but the texture remains soft, the scar is not evident. Women during childbirth due to the expulsion of the fetus, the hymen further damage, after they left the traces of several smaller ridges called "hymen marks such traces.

hymen ≠ Virgin ruptured hymen: hymen general rupture after intercourse, the traditional concepts put hymen is intact as to whether she had sex only test method. In ancient Greece, the two women call it of "Ma Shente" followed the bride and groom into the bridal chamber, as a witness to the broken melon. The broken melon groom with a white towel wrapped around the left hand finger, then reach into the women's vagina in the towel with bloodstains on a virgin recognized by Ma Shite. Body wash is Ma Shite help the bride into the bridal chamber before, have been deflowered girl bribed Ma Shite, first with the blood of the bird and animal blood into the vagina, to confuse the man. In the history of our country, the "meta Red" check spread quite widely. Although the experience infidelity "specific instances of the Song Dynasty have, but as early as the writings of Jin had mentioned experience infidelity. Many literary works, the literati in the description of the wedding night, often would make a a experience red "delicate depiction. In some villages, the elders seems to be daughter-in-law is the Virgin are also very concerned, and often will teach the man to use various methods for verification. They focus on nothing more than whether a woman's hymen rupture hymen to identify woman negligence Zhen. The virginity concept in modern society, although gradually fade, but in the minds of some people, especially men, but can not say. Self-esteem is the most precious, of course, self-esteem of young girls, not to casual sexual relations and human hair. However, if really inevitably happen, or do not turn too great a burden. Intercourse of course, make the ruptured hymen ruptured hymen is not sexual intercourse are caused by strenuous exercise, vaginally, some heavy manual labor can be caused by the rupture of the hymen. Childhood ignorance, foreign objects into the vagina as well as masturbation also cause ruptured hymen. Between the hymen and virginity, and can not always be equated. The hymen rupture with disorderly conduct between more casually equate. In general, however, most unmarried healthy women before did not have sexual relations, the hymen is intact, the wedding night will "see red". After all, the men grew up in the traditional Chinese culture has a the hymen complex, young girls must not to have sexual relations with people easily, but also in their daily lives to pay attention to protect themselves from hymen rupture in abnormal circumstances. Besides the presence of the hymen into the vagina to prevent outside unclean things, but also beneficial. Hymen human and part ape vaginal lower end of the narrow vaginal opening film. Can be destroyed due to sexual intercourse and other reasons left the hymen the marks (carunculae hymenales). Film-like vagina and urogenital sinus vaginal vestibule origin, occurred two to get through, at the junction of the two residues in the second half of the opening from the Mueller venturi tube (generalized tubal) - hymen.

Edit this paragraph anatomical traits hymen is a variety of female animals, including African elephants, seals, lemurs, guinea pigs, and human tissue. The human hymen middle hole is not completely closed, completely or partially covering layer of translucent connective tissue diaphragm at the opening of the vagina, the pros and cons of the films were tested pink, moist surface, has a rich vascular tissue and a small amount of nerve.

in the center of the hymen, a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm holes medicine called "hymen hole menstrual blood can be excreted through the holes. The shape of each of the apertures are not the same, according to the shape of the openings, the hymen holes can be divided into circular, oval, annular, screen-shaped, umbrella, stars trilobal, star, septum separating shaped, crescent , half-moon, lip and other 30 kinds. Only a small number of women born without a hymen, few women hymen is not porous, belonging to folk term "stone woman" a pathology called imperforate hymen, this situation makes the women in the menstrual blood can not be discharged, often in adolescence found that menstrual belated, and accompanied by periodic pain in the lower abdomen, treatment generally hymen incision.

hymen can be observed, the shape of a wide range need to expose the vulva. Formed after the rupture of the hymen hymen marks. the

Edit this paragraph development and breakage

hymen appear in 3 to 4 months of fetal development, the formation of the hymen morphology and jointed to adolescence, the general adolescent hymen smaller and thick, with the mature women's physical development , the hymen will gradually become large and thin, and there is considerable toughness. Adult woman's hymen is about 1-2 mm thick.

first sexual intercourse, the hymen is bursting formed chasm, and cause bleeding. Ruptured hymen shapes, the degree will be very different. There are two holes in every shape the hymen bleeding more, accompanied by intense pain. Lip hymen bleeding very little, almost no pain. Thicker and good elasticity umbrella hymen may be completely ruptured.

after giving birth, the fetus through the vagina is delivered further damage the hymen. Sometimes leaving only a few remnants of the protrusions, called the hymen marks. Caesarean delivery does not occur to these changes.

edit this paragraph Sexual Ethics and hymen past, men can not ensure that the spouses of children produced their own offspring in the physiological Therefore spouse (wife) must be future child belongs to his own belief degrees into consideration, especially the long-term spouse. The strategy evolved out of one of the men to face this problem, more emphasis on chastity, mate preferences of women without sexual experience. Simple, is to be avoided and may harbor the others children of women married. integrity

hymen usually is considered to be proof of female premarital chastity, because it will usually female first sex, because the male penis piercing damage bleeding, but there are few hard and tough, after several sexual behavior remains complete even postpartum still complete a special case, while part due to strenuous exercise, accident, or a substantial female masturbation activities have been broken before first sex (and very common). First sexual intercourse is not bleeding is relatively common phenomenon. With the advances in modern medicine, the hymen has also been through a surgical method to repair (usually low cost gynecological minor surgery), so more weakened its integrity prove whether the occurrence of the first sex role. As a result, some areas turn against female circumcision ", including the two-to six-year-old young girls female labia stitched, labia pending wedding from her husband cut the vulva to be cut when the production, and then stitched. physiological structure

edit this paragraph hymen is actually called a film, the hymen is not a literal sense, it is actually a very thin, very tender fibers of the connective tissue, was to circle the ring-shaped folds like. Normal hymen has pores, ring-shaped, semi-circular shape, cribriform, called hymen holes. Rich in microvascular, nerve endings in the mucosal tissue of the hymen. Thus, when the rupture of the hymen, women will often appear small amount of vaginal bleeding, accompanied by pain.

virgin first sexual intercourse, the male penis into the female's vagina, often the hymen bursting formed rip hymen rip often multiple, extending radially from the center to the surrounding, because the direction of the male penis into general is down inward, so the gap in both sides of the vaginal opening below the deep may Scientology bottom, called a complete rupture. Sometimes, because of sexual intercourse the man too much force, enables near the vaginal wall laceration. Women given birth, the fetus through the vagina is delivered hymen further damage, as well as everywhere incomplete, sometimes leaving only a few remnants of the protrusions, called the hymen marks. Cesarean delivery due to the baby from the lower abdominal incision is delivered, not through the vagina, the hymen is still to maintain the shape of the marriage.

editing before this paragraph hymen role puberty, female reproductive organs have yet to develop improved, the vaginal mucosa weaker, lower acidity, and therefore can not block the invasion of bacteria. When the hymen thick, also take on this important task, to play a role in the protection of the female reproductive system. after

puberty, female reproductive organs gradually develop improved vagina has a role in resistance to bacterial invasion, the hymen has gradually become weak, lose the role. So, for mature women, the hymen is no longer what physiological functions. the

hymen hole role

female sexual maturation will come menstruation, menstrual blood and excreted It is through the hymen hole hymen on the pore menstrual blood can not be successfully removed from the body, this phenomenon is called medical " imperforate hymen. " Long-term accumulation of menstrual blood in the vagina up into the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, and even into the abdominal cavity, causing abdominal infection cause abdominal pain. The

How to know hymen is broken

the Generally To determine the hymen is broken, need to be checked by a professional gynecologist to determine. Women own judgment hymen is ruptured more difficult, even with what happens to the sex life of men, it is difficult to determine. Most men and women often vaginal bleeding to determine whether the female hymen rupture. In fact, this approach is unscientific, because otherwise lead female vaginal bleeding for a variety of reasons, such as women suffering from vaginitis, uterine fibroids. In addition, some women's hymen rupture bleeding small, does not necessarily outflow ruptured hymen

lead outside the vagina which

hymen closer distance vaginal opening, the slightest mistake will cause rupture of the hymen. The ruptured hymen for a variety of reasons, we are most familiar kind of women having sex for the first time, the hymen will rupture. In addition, in the event of these accidents, the hymen will rupture. If any women to participate in the high jump, horse riding, martial arts, such as strenuous exercise can make the ruptured hymen; while some women use the built-in cleaning genitals improper tampon, even during masturbation can also cause the rupture of the hymen. Strenuous exercise, vaginally, some heavy manual labor can be caused by the rupture of the hymen, juvenile ignorance, foreign objects into the vagina as well as masturbation, also cause ruptured hymen.

how to correctly view the hymen and virgin the relationship

a long time the traditional concept that the hymen is a sign of the Virgin, the rupture of the hymen means that women are no longer a virgin. This is a very feudal ideology, to define virgin hymen rupture alone is very one-sided. First, from the point of view the the ruptured hymen reasons previously described, must not simply from the integrity of the hymen to judge women is not a virgin. Some women really no sex hymen occur rupture because of the number of accidents. In addition, some women's hymen complete, but it does occur sex. This is due to the relaxation, these women's hymen hymen hole hymen after intercourse may from time to rupture. In short, the hymen rupture and female sexual behavior is not necessarily linked, it is even more not to judge the integrity of the hymen alone women is virgin. Should be for the final definition of the "Virgin" - never with men having sex with women, that is to say, did not have a male sexual organ into the female's vagina.

ruptured hymen are many reasons, but the most important reason is still sexual intercourse. So, the girls should have a clear understanding of premarital sex. real role in the female body

edit this paragraph hymen never tissues and organs like the hymen, as caused by the new topic of many Ancient of Days, no organ, such as the hymen as life and death to the fate of mankind staged farce Daxitaibei.

hymen is part of the female reproductive organs. Occurs in 3 to 4 months of fetal development, formed to adolescence hymen morphology and thickness. Its porosity was round-shaped, ring-shaped, like a half months, cribriform forms. It is located in the vaginal opening, vaginal mucosal tissue layer within the vestibular folds was a circle ring-shaped, about 0.5 cm wide, with a hole in the middle so that outflow of menstrual blood and secretions. Only a handful of women born without a hymen, and only a handful of female hymen pore, known as the "stone woman".

hymen as a barrier of the external genitalia, from a physiological point of view, it is the gender barriers of life, is to prevent the barrier of the penis into the vagina, this barrier single from the physiological reaction to the woman, it may bring different levels of painful feelings . Some women will be due to role of hymen fragments, resulting in lengthy sexual pain. It should be said, the hymen in sexual life in the role of the man and nothing will bring some pain to the woman's hymen both husband and wife are unfavorable. Sex life, may also pose a threat to both men and women's sexual physiological and psychological, should encounter the stubborn resistance of the hymen, man "less than Jiugong too excited and nervous, the man appeared excessive ejaculation, if the man and the back of the ideological burden, is likely to become a reason for the subsequent premature ejaculation. In addition, if the woman's nervous, too impatient or rude man to the woman, in the case of first sexual intercourse, the woman may have some pain, so leave a heavy psychological shadow, so some woman in marriage for a long time to form frigidity, vaginismus. So, not unrelated to the presence of the emergence of sexual dysfunction in both men and women with the hymen.

development of human society to this day, most of the mature female hymen will destroy the union between a man and a woman, leaving only the deformed fragments. So that from an evolutionary point of view, the hymen seems to be a superfluous organ. However, of nature another "survival of the fittest" principle is applicable everywhere. "Use and disuse" is an important nature rules. Hymen Since adversely affect the sex life of both men and women, the first night, and sooner or later have to be torn, and why it exists? That the role of the hymen, what is it?

some scholars, the following two assumptions:

1, the protection of the female reproductive system: this doctrine that the hymen of the female reproductive system and even body plays a protective effect after been explored. It is a protective barrier to prevent the invasion of pathogenic factors. Hymen guards in the vaginal entrance, it can prevent the urine into the vagina. Elder woman is to dress them up in the lower part of the body circumference piece of fur, open the lower part of the body prone to bacterial invasion. The girl's vaginal wall is thin, not yet fully developed ovarian thanks hymen barrier protection within the reproductive system, the protection of women's fertility. Some scholars believe that the 16 to 18 years ago, the body of the female is not fully developed the hymen also very hypertrophy alert device is a way to avoid premature sex. For women, premature sex, susceptible to the cervix repeated infections lead to cervical cancer. , Early sexual initiation of prenatal and postnatal care, will have an adverse impact. The hymen is precisely played a preventive role. Because men want to have sex with immature girls, it is difficult to overcome the still very tough hymen line of defense. For women, premature sexual life, will give their own flesh considerable spasm. According to physician surveys, the hymen gore, more than 2/3 will feel pain, accompanied by bleeding. Married sooner this phenomenon is more obvious.

edit this paragraph Summary hymen form a ring, umbrella, the lip-shaped, sieve-like, etc., and its thickness, toughness, shape, etc. vary, some women hymen good toughness, membrane pore and large, even if there is a history of sexual intercourse can also intact; hymen is thin, and some women's poor toughness, may be due to more vigorous exercise such as running, jumping, trauma, etc. so that it ruptured, and therefore can not be based on the hymen is broken women to verify whether the sexual behavior.

hymen is the female vagina mouth a thin film organization, capillaries, nerve endings, and connective tissue, there is a small hole in the middle, for hymen holes. Hymen morphology cyclic, umbrella, lip-shaped, sieve-like, and its thickness, toughness, shape, etc. varies from person to person, some women hymen good toughness, the film hole, even if there is a history of sexual intercourse can also intact ; some women the hymen is thin, poor toughness, can be due to more vigorous exercise such as running, jumping, trauma, etc. make it to rupture, and therefore can not be based on the hymen is broken to validate female sexual activity. located in the vaginal opening,

hymen is a layer of film-like tissue in the female vaginal opening, the hole in the middle for the blood flow. Hymen women after birth or embryo development in the mother's womb you have, rather than some people think that "only after puberty. In the nature of all the species, only human female before. Why do human female hymen, what exactly is the role of the hymen, it remains a mystery. But feudal ideological oppression of women, the hymen to become a central focus of the virgin.

fact, the hymen is a virgin is irrelevant. May appear due to the different levels of the shape and thickness of each woman's hymen after sex life hymen is not broken, it may even rupture without bleeding, there is a very small part of women born without hymen. In addition, youth or adolescence when some women due to the significant movement of the legs and makes hymen already broken, there is not part of the sexual life of women due to masturbation fingers or with the aid of an object into the vagina caused by the rupture of the hymen are sex life addition to the factors that lead to rupture of the hymen, and whether Virgin unrelated. On the contrary, some women the hymen is very tough, even experienced multiple sexual life without rupture, and until the surgical incision is required in the pre-production, how to use the concept of a virgin to measure it?

Edit this paragraph hymen study history Shougong Sha ancient Chinese used to test whether she has sex a sign. Shougong Sha's earliest records written by the Jin dynasty Zhang "Natural History", but there is no scientific basis.

Qing Dynasty notes "insects Man recorded description of a teenage girl the legs riding in Sukie, leading to the rupture of the hymen, blood flow in the hoe handle. An old saw, they put a hoe collection. Later, the girls get married, the wedding night hardly ever red, mistaken infidelity. Husband intend divorced bride. The old man carrying a hoe rushed to redress for the bride. Edit this section hymen hypertrophy in

diagnosis and treatment of hymen fibrous connective tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Hypertrophy lack of flexibility will be tough, resulting in pain during intercourse, dyspareunia, or penis can not be inserted. normal hymen is not thicker


, spontaneous rupture of first sexual intercourse, or slight pain and a little bleeding, laceration traces left after sexual intercourse marks card. Hypertrophy hymen hypertrophy tough to make sexual intercourse pain, and it is difficult to spontaneous rupture, the insertion of the penis into the blocked. Forced sexual intercourse will cause pain. Pain fear, subconsciously unwilling penis is inserted, it is again vaginismus may occur during intercourse. Hymen mild hypertrophy of forced sexual intercourse or by the hymen ring laceration deep or bleeding more.


married to a doctor due to pain during intercourse, difficulty. Diagnosis by vaginal DRE: the hymen ring volume one finger or two fingers disruption, and a sense of the film ring narrow and tough roots; slight palpation of the vaginal opening, they feel the posterior wall of the vagina wall muscle spasm contraction.


line the hymen ring expansion or incision or excision. Expansion applies to the hymen mild hypertrophy rectal dilator, from fine to coarse, the each model indwelling 10 minutes, until loose and intercourse that can accommodate two so far. The discomfort expansion underwent surgery in local anesthesia radial incision to ring the roots, and film flap along the ring root resection, the wound was sutured with 2-0 gut. Wound healing after first sexual intercourse, the vaginal opening is suitably 1% lidocaine ointment or lubricant to make sexual intercourse success. Of course, can not be ignored couple the necessary knowledge and technical guidance. three stages of change

edit this paragraph hymen hymen in a woman's life changes experienced three stages:


the hymen coverage in the vagina near the external mouth, about 1 to 2 mm thick, with a small hole in the middle, called hymen hole, and a diameter of about 1 cm, is generally circular, oval or zigzag; some were semilunar, membrane pore biased side; some for the spacer-shaped hole, with two holes for the top and bottom or left and right tied; Some many scattered small hole, like a sieve.

menstruation, menstrual blood is excreted through the holes. If the film does not have holes, the monthly menstrual blood is blocked, accumulate in the vagina, and extended to the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, and even into the abdominal cavity, causing tubal damage, intestinal adhesions, abdominal infection, medically called "imperforate hymen "purposes of gynecological surgery. in our prepubertal, since

less ovarian secretion of estrogen, the vaginal mucosa thin folds, low acidity, weak resistance, the hymen has blocked bacterial invasion of the vagina. After puberty, with the development of ovarian estrogen increased vaginal resistance to strengthen, the hymen will lose a role.

first night:

first sexual intercourse, the hymen be bursting rip and cause bleeding.

degree of ruptured hymen shapes, will be very different. There are two holes in every shape the hymen bleeding more, accompanied by intense pain. Lip hymen bleeding very little, almost no pain. Thicker and good elasticity umbrella hymen may completely broken!

According to a survey conducted by the American gynecologist, about 30% of women at first intercourse without bleeding. 30% including the strong elasticity umbrella hymen being, it may be repeated after intercourse or after a crazy sex tour will break down, but not necessarily bleeding. Also includes the porous sieve shaped easily broken hymen, it may be before the first sexual intercourse has been due to a variety of reasons and cracked.

after giving birth:

because the fetus is delivered through the vagina, hymen further damage. Sometimes leaving only a few remnants of the protrusions, called the hymen marks. Caesarean delivery does not occur to these changes.

edit this paragraph imperforate hymen because urogenital sinus epithelium not through the vestibule due due to hymen pleated development of strong, imperforate hymen than menarche, such as the uterus and vagina normal development menarche and menstrual blood accumulates in the vagina followed The extended the vagina to the uterus to form Hematometra, excessive hemorrhage resulting in tubal atresia flows into the fallopian tube through the umbrella of the Ministry into the abdominal cavity near the umbrella of the Ministry of the peritoneum by menstrual blood stimulation edema adhesion formation vaginal hysterosalpingography hemorrhage. the

edit this paragraph, imperforate hymen the the diagnostic clinical performance

1 puberty are the menarche

2 gradually worsened cyclical abdominal pain

3 the visible the hymen outward bulging surface in the lower abdominal palpable mass and monthly increase

4 check purple blue

5 rectal examination pressure to the rectum tension palpable mass

6 great tenderness associated with severe constipation, urinary frequency or urinary retention constipation anal bulge the symptoms


1. above signs and symptoms

2. hymen bulging at the puncture can be removed from sticky thick non-condensable dark brown or old blood

Note Edit this paragraph hymen repair hymen repair is a common gynecological plastic surgery, reduce the psychological burden of patients who can restore the normal morphology of the hymen through surgery. As technology continues to evolve, the hymen repair procedure has also been diversified, currently patched watts legitimate, through law, the sandwich method, the hymen the original aperture recovery method, ring embedding method and direct suture, but vulnerable to pollution and nursing difficulties many reasons due to the hymen tissue fibers poor blood, postoperative wound tension, surgery is difficult to a successful, especially in complex hymen rupture. developmental everyone

hymen is very different, some thin and some thick, have a hymen is the bulk of certain bleeding if the requirements of the first sexual life, from a scientific perspective is wrong. Hymen part of human development flexibility is very good, the first time part of life will not be bleeding. Many girls and boys that first sexual girl must have bleeding and can prove to be a virgin, which is a psychological disorder of sexual life, if the first time living out bleeding does not measure whether Virgin, which is very scientific. And some strenuous exercise, it is likely to cause the rupture of the hymen. The hymen is vaginal extraoral Monday