pregnancy, refers to the mammalian females (including humans) in the body of one or more fetus or embryo. experts recommend

Notes: pregnancy must want to quit smoking can not be exposed to secondhand smoke, from preparation for pregnancy to production during the block around the relatives pregnancy

smoking, because whether it is smoking or contact with the people who smoke will affect the development of the fetus, a serious cause fetal malformations. basic


[the conception; gestation live formed after the egg is fertilized zygote; bred to produce progeny the process

detailed explain

pregnant women or female mammalian fertilization fetal Pregnancy (or pregnancy), mammalian female (human) in one or more of the body of the fetus or embryo. Human pregnancy mammals, the most detailed study.

"Dong Guan Han Ji Zhang Huan Chuan:" His wife, pregnant. "Sui Shu Study of Law:" Women who are pregnant, do not have to decide the penalty. " "Jingshitongyan · Song Xiaoguan reunion broken carpet winding up": "Yichun pregnancy day full production next woman. Lao She's "Rickshaw Boy" and 18: "pregnant should not take more exercise traditional errors for faith." Human pregnancy from the last menstrual period to childbirth lasts about 40 weeks (counting from ovulation to 38 weeks). Childbirth is the production term.

divided into three phases of pregnancy, there is a high probability of miscarriage in early pregnancy. Mid-fetal development to be able to track and monitor. The late fetal began outside the mother viability.

pregnancy reaction when

the early reaction in early pregnancy (menopause for about six weeks), pregnant women, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) increased, decreased gastric acid secretion and gastric emptying time, causing dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite appetite, hi-acid foods or offensive greasy, nausea, morning vomiting a series of reactions.

the number of days of pregnancy can be measured out

early pregnancy symptoms [1] generally appear in about six weeks of pregnancy. Usually last 3 months of pregnancy, but everyone's circumstances are different, the duration of the pregnancy reaction with personal hormone, some early reaction time is relatively long, disappear until 16 - 18 weeks, the early response is particularly serious persistent nausea, frequent vomiting, can not eat, can cause severe physical water loss and metabolic disorders, this situation can be considered to hospital for treatment. There are also a small number of people do not appear early response.

In general, women in pregnancy after 40 days there will be slight vomiting, however, the early reaction everyone is different. Some people will vomiting symptoms in about a month, and some people will be throughout the pregnancy without vomiting. Is worth noting that there are a small number of women, especially elderly women after 20 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy-induced hypertension, hypertension, edema, proteinuria, and severe cases require hospitalization. But no need to worry too much, also good for the fetus to feel comfortable. [2]

edit this paragraph early pregnancy ten symptoms 1 nausea or vomiting

of if you're like most women do not have the troubled morning sickness, until about pregnancy a post (a small number of pregnant women may be spared from morning sickness). After about 11 or 12 days of pregnancy, some pregnant women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding (close to the time period when vaginal bleeding


2 you may find that the omission of the menstrual period).

3 the fatigue

feeling suddenly very tired?, not exhausting fatigue. Pregnant women progesterone hormones in the body increase and pressure on your body to adapt to the work you have done day after will feel that they have run a marathon.

4. sensitive the breast swelling

early signs of a pregnancy is increasing due to hormonal sensitive, breast swelling and pain.

5. Recognition: active home pregnancy test

Although you may have seen the above noted, but a lot of home pregnancy test is not sufficiently sensitive to be found to be pregnant, until about a week later. If you have been measured over the temperature and taking note of your body temperature

6 sustained high

of temperature has remained high for 18 days, you may be pregnant. did not come on the period


If your period is always very regular and suddenly did not arrive on your best above signs have also been found to do the pregnancy test.

8. frequent after urination

pregnant soon, you may find yourself frequently go to the toilet. Why? This is mainly because of the body's blood during pregnancy and other liquid is increased, leading to the additional fluid flows through your kidneys bladder. While some women insisted that they are eager to get some food during pregnancy

9. objectionable

of food, but food aversion is common.

10. on odor more sensitive

of this new pregnancy pregnant women is a very common phenomenon, they be more sensitive Bologna sandwich or coffee or some special smell and even cause vomiting. Although not exactly know why, but this may be a side effect of the rapid increase in estrogen in your body. [3]

edit this paragraph, the pre-production period calculation because every pregnant women are difficult to accurately judge the conception of time, medical provisions, the first day of the last menstrual period pregnant

from the calculation of the pre-production phase, their entire pregnancy total to 280 Tian, 10 months of pregnancy (pregnancy months time: 28 days of the fetus in the mother's body growth should be 40 weeks, or 280 days.) Pregnant women in childbirth, both full-term pregnancy 38-42 weeks. Because of varying lengths of each menstrual cycle, speculated that the pre-production period and the actual pre-production period of 1-2 weeks is normal. The main method of calculation the following:

1 calculated according to the last menstrual period, the month of the last menstrual period date plus or minus 3 days and for the number of months of pre-production period; 7, pre-production maturity date. For example: the very fact that the last menstrual period is March 13, 2008, its pre-production period of approximately: December 20, 2008. Ms. Lee's last menstrual period is May 28, 2008, approximately the expected date of birth: March 5, 2009, from the last menstrual period the first day of working backward to the first 280 days is the expected date of birth.

2. fetal movement date if you can not remember the last menstrual period, can be based on fetal movement Date to projections. General the fetal movement began at 16-22 weeks after pregnancy. Calculated as follows: primipara plus 20 weeks of fetal movement; maternal fetal movement day plus 22 weeks. (General)

3 body temperature curve calculated basal body temperature curve of the low-temperature segment last day as the day of ovulation, working backward from the day of ovulation 264-268 days or 38 weeks.

4. doctors do B timeout projections under B-ultrasound measured fetal head biparietal diameter, crown-rump length and femur length to estimate gestational age, and calculate the expected date of birth (Most of this method as a medical diagnosis of B-ultrasound application) .

5. projected reactions morning sickness from spit pregnancy time generally appear in pregnancy 6 weeks, 42 days after the last menstrual period, thus extrapolated back to the 280 days is the expected date of birth.

detect and determine the beginning date

pregnancy may be several ways to determine. First, to detect the hormone produced by the newly formed placenta. Clinical urine and blood tests can detect pregnancy within 6-8 days after conception. Home urine test usually take 12-15 days before the effective detection. Both methods can only detect the pregnancy and not know the date of conception. Pregnancy by menstrual interrupt OK. Menstruation to interrupt early as in any of the early symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness. In fact, the doctor usually calculated to the first day of the last menstrual women report a fertile day (ie embryos "age"). Unless only a few sex, no way of knowing the exact date of conception.

edit this paragraph pregnancy timeline usually the pregnancy is divided into three phases. Each lasting for about three months. While this installment no strict rules, but to explain some of the changes useful.

pregnancy early embryonic development at this time will be drastically changed. About half of the women will be provided at this time (at this time) appears morning sickness symptoms. Pregnancy the early


before the start of pregnancy, the egg first encounter sperm fertilization. Most of fertilization to produce the body of the female ejaculation in men. The present technique can also be done in vitro for artificial insemination. The pregnancy on

the implantation

Medical began embryo implantation in the endometrium. Sometimes because of complications in the fallopian tubes or cervix implantation embryos, resulting in ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy). Usually no signs or symptoms of implantation, although there are many examples of minor bleeding implantation. The outer layer of the embryos grow into the placenta from the uterine wall receives nutrition. The umbilical cord of newborn and placenta.

pregnant mid-

medical pregnancy from implantation generally calculated using the the "Naegele way" (Naegele's Rule): the expected date of the last menstrual period (LMP) plus 40 weeks (280 days). The fetus born earlier than 37 weeks considered premature birth, later than 43 weeks to be treated as expired products. However, the duration of pregnancy due to many factors change. For example, the first child usually pregnant longer.

conception exact date is very important, because a lot of prenatal check-ups are decided according to this date. Do you want to induction of labor is also determined by this date. Menstrual cycle length, ovulation day may not be in the first 14 days. Therefore, the expected date of birth can only roughly estimate. About 3.6% of the women in the production based on the the menstrual estimated pre-production period, 4.7% of women in the pre-production period is estimated based on the diagnostic ultrasound production.

pregnant very fast early growth and development of the fetus inside the mother before 8 weeks after pregnancy, the fertilized egg from a single cell to develop into cells forming the body of 200 million, this period is known as embryo; 8 weeks pregnant soon called fetus.

six weeks pregnant, the spine and the brain of the embryo begins to form, the heart began to beat, embryos and heart activity can be measured with a B-, pregnant women can have early response. After seven weeks, the limbs begin to form. Eight weeks after the embryos have eyes but no face and ear canal; embryo started to move, but pregnant women also feel. 12 weeks, the fetus is about 7 cm long and weighs 20 grams, can be seen the humanoid head and other parts of the body, it is. With Doppler auscultoscope can hear the fetal heart. Pubic symphysis abdomen in order to touch the bottom of the uterus.

mid-pregnancy most women feel this time more dynamic, and a substantial increase in weight. When the fetus begins to grow into a recognizable shape, is the first time you can feel the movement of the fetus.

the final stages of post-weight gain of pregnancy. The regular activities of the fetus, which may be uncomfortable, and cause back pain, bladder late

cystatin weakness and other symptoms of pregnancy. see pregnancy

from the point of view of medical fertility, menstrual rules of women, pregnancy, menstrual late a few days to a few weeks on behalf of elevated the B-hcG to around 100,000 mIU/mL by 10 weeks of gestation.


childbirth is the process of the birth of a child is considered to be the beginning of a human life, is also the age of the starting point of many cultures.

pregnant women from the labor pains began to feel that the laws of the uterus contraction, as well as the cervix dilates starting childbirth. Although most people feel very painful childbirth, some women said they had a painless childbirth. Most women can normal production. However, sometimes because of complications and Caesarean section. The also sometimes episiotomy. Taiwan the perineal incision accounted for the proportion of all births pregnancy

higher in many countries. people outside the


prospective mother, partner, family, friends, can participate in to assist the process of pregnancy and delivery, such as companionship, economic, spiritual, labor support. Lamaze courses, etc. prenatal courses in many countries now have. The partners will also participate in these programs together with the practice, and the prospective mother.

Another called of "sympathy Belt" invention, to let others experience pregnancy weight.

attention to matters prepared the pregnancy

prepared pregnant male with particular attention away from the electromagnetic radiation, this is because the male chromosome compared with women more vulnerable and more likely to cause the immune system change, followed by the male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation . Many male pro directly to plug the phone in a pants pocket, the greatest threat of sperm, because the pants pocket testicular next. the

early pregnancy

early pregnancy symptoms nausea and vomiting as well as mental fatigue. In the early stages of pregnancy, many women feel tired, no strength, trying to sleep. The late pregnancy unsuitable with contact lenses.

edit the period of pregnancy diet arrangements during the first months of pregnancy main nutrients: folic acid folic acid the piece

role: to prevent fetal neural organ defects folic acid supplementation can prevent anemia, premature delivery, to prevent fetal malformations, which is particularly important during early pregnancy, it is because the early fetal neural organ development is the key. Pregnant mothers should eat folate-rich foods, such as bread, pasta, white rice and flour and other cereals, and beef liver, spinach, asparagus, asparagus, beans and apples, citrus, oranges and so on. Tonic oral folic acid tablets to guarantee the daily requirement of folic acid. The

2 months of pregnancy main nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin-rich fruit

role: ease bleeding gums, suppress vomiting of pregnancy two months pregnant, some mothers find themselves bleeding gums when brushing, regular vitamin C can alleviate the phenomenon of bleeding gums. At the same time, can help improve the body resistance, prevention of dental diseases. The life of vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables, such as green peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, spinach, lemon, strawberry, apple, etc.. 3

pregnancy main nutrients: magnesium, vitamin A

, and role: to promote fetal growth and development of magnesium is not only critical to the health of the fetus muscle baby, but also contribute to the normal development of bones. Recent studies show that the number of the first three months of pregnancy magnesium intake related to neonatal height, weight and head circumference size. Magnesium are easy to find in the salad oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts, soy, pumpkin, melon, sunflower seeds and whole grains. In addition, the magnesium at the mother's uterine muscle recovery is also very good. The whole process of fetal development require vitamin A, in particular, can guarantee the health of the fetal skin, gastrointestinal tract and lungs. First trimester of pregnancy, the fetus can not store vitamin A, so pregnant mothers must be an adequate supply. Sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, mangoes contain a large number of VA.

four months of pregnancy main nutrients: zinc-rich zinc the food

role: to prevent your baby dysplasia mothers need to increase the intake of zinc of this month. Mothers if zinc deficiency will affect the growth of your baby in utero, to make fetal brain, heart and other vital organs dysplasia. The zinc deficiency may cause 孕妈咪 taste, smell abnormalities, loss of appetite, digestion and absorption dysfunction, reduced immunity, this will inevitably cause intrauterine growth retardation. Foods rich in zinc are oysters, oysters, liver, mushroom, sesame, red shell, especially content is particularly rich in oysters. Tip: should the right amount of zinc supplementation, dietary zinc supplementation should not exceed 45 mg per day. the the

5th month of pregnancy main nutrients: vitamin D, calcium

role: promote the development of the bones and teeth of your baby 孕妈咪 five months pregnant, your baby's bones and teeth grow particularly fast, rapid calcification period demand for calcium is simply soar. Therefore, from this month, milk, pregnant women, milk or yogurt is essential for calcium drinks mothers day. In addition, you should also eat the following easy intake of calcium foods, such as dried cheese, tofu, eggs or duck eggs, shrimp, fish, seaweed and so on. In addition, mothers should take calcium every day. It needs to be noted that calcium supplementation has always been throughout the entire pregnancy. Calcium alone is not enough vitamin D can promote the effective absorption of calcium, pregnant mothers should eat more fish, eggs, another sun exposure can create VD, pregnant mothers can appropriate the sun, but first of all you want to do a good sunscreen job.

6 months of pregnancy main nutrients: iron

role: to prevent iron deficiency anemia in expectant mothers at this time and your baby's nutritional requirements are soared. Many mothers began to appear symptoms of anemia. Iron is one of the important elements composed of red blood cells, so this month, with particular attention to iron intake. To avoid iron deficiency anemia, mothers should be noted that the deployment of diet, consciously eat iron-rich vegetables, animal liver, lean meat, eggs and so on. Starting this month 0.3-0.6 grams per day of oral ferrous sulfate. The

8th months of pregnancy main nutrients: carbohydrates

role: to maintain body heat demand 8 months pregnant, the fetus began to store glycogen and fat in the liver and subcutaneous. At this point, such as carbs, will result in a lack of protein or ketoacidosis, so pregnant in August should ensure the supply of heat, increase the intake of staple foods such as rice, flour. In general, mothers average daily need to eat about 400g cereal which is of great significance to ensure heat supply, saving protein. In addition, in meters, surface staple, to increase the number of coarse grains, such as millet, corn, oatmeal. The

9th months of pregnancy main nutrients: the iron calcium thiamine

role: lack of thiamine, easy to cause vomiting, fatigue, body lack, can also affect the delivery uterine contractions to extend the production process, difficulties in childbirth. In addition, fetal liver iron, 5 mg daily storage until the storage capacity of up to 300-400 mg. Insufficient iron intake can affect fetal body iron stores, postpartum susceptible to iron deficiency anemia. Pregnancy, the whole process needs to supplement calcium, but calcium more than half of the fetus is stored in the last two months of pregnancy. Such as inadequate intake of calcium in the 9 months pregnant, the fetus would use his maternal bone calcium, resulting in the occurrence of rickets pregnant women.

edit during the period of pregnancy morning sickness convey an information

morning sickness vomiting mainly occurred in the first few months. Late pregnancy, fetal movement caused by the mother's attention; However, pre-is in the early stages of development, there is no ability to resist external forces, expressing discomfort. Morning sickness reaction, in fact, to the mother to pass the information of their own existence, remind the mother to protect yourself. Certain factors may increase the chance of morning sickness, such as overweight or multiple births.

2, do not have to worry about early pregnancy morning sickness will affect healthy growth

the many expectant mothers are concerned about the impact on nutrient supply because of morning sickness reaction. There is absolutely no need to. Although morning sickness temporarily so you can not maintain a balanced nutrition absorption, but no need to worry too much about health. Because in the first stage, mainly in the organogenesis stage, rather than growth and development period, when the nutritional needs of relatively less, in his nutritional needs increase, you will return to a normal diet status. [4]

edit this paragraph, the best time to conceive environmental living environment: Your bedroom should be clean and quiet, sunny, and suitable for cold and warm, fresh air circulation should be no Incense smoke cigarettes carbon monoxide, cyanide nicotine, tobacco, tar and other harmful substances, not only to indoor air pollution, but also affect the quality of the embryo, so your 3 months before conception should quit smoking. Note: it is best not conceived in the newly renovated room where decoration materials harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, ammonia, etc., in a short time can not completely dissipated, and thus endanger the health of your baby, increasing congenital malformations, the incidence of leukemia. work environment:

ready to conceive, you and he should temporarily avoid the occupational hazards removed from exposure to lead, mercury, benzene, nickel, ammonia, radiation, isotopes, electromagnetic waves and other harmful substances jobs in a timely manner. Because these toxic and harmful substances can damage the reproductive function, resulting in abnormal sperm, abortion, fetal death, the palace, premature birth, fetal deformity baby. There is a need to pay special attention to, and now most people will be faced with a computer, the computer will generate radiation, so pregnant women must wear a radiation suit, minimize the use of the computer. Best

conception age of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts believe that the best conception age: 25 to 29-year-old female, male, 26 to 30 years old. Ages, male and female body are fully mature hormone secretion exuberant fertility in the best condition. This age female eggs of the highest quality, the flexibility of the birth canal, uterine contractions force the best, therefore, greatly reduce the incidence of miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and malformations children.

how fast pregnancy. doing pre-pregnancy check: prepare pregnant women for the age group, only normal sex life is very easy to get pregnant and have not prepared pregnant a couple of months of pregnancy, it is recommended to the hospital for a pre-pregnancy check, check gynecological diseases any kind of gynecological diseases are likely to cause infertility, to specific cause infertility probability size and the need for treatment to comply with the doctor's recommendations. doing pre-pregnancy check,

husband should travel together, the chances of the same infertile males. While doing pre-pregnancy check can also determine whether the two chromosomal abnormalities, the baby's chance of reproductive health.

2. attention to diet: more than female friend is suffering from infertility because of excessive weight loss or malnutrition. Usually eat more nutritious food. Toxic substances and alcohol, tobacco and wine will be varying degrees of impact sperm quality of male friends try to quit smoking, and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

3. maintain ease of mind, do not have too much pressure: Modern women working pressure, together with the elderly urging children tend to increase the pressure, leading to endocrine disorders affect the pregnancy.

4. room ovulation date: accurate knowledge of the ovulation cycle, ovulation date intercourse scientific conception. health

best conception state: ready to pre-pregnancy, you and he should go to the hospital to do a comprehensive health examination to determine whether the bodies of the two men are in a healthy state. Mood: ready to conceive days, you and he should pay particular attention to the emotional aspects of the exchange to make deep sense of love always waves in each other's heart. Must not feelings of discord, emotional instability, barely conception, which is not conducive to the prenatal and postnatal care, is likely to cause the baby frail, intellectual development of the best time not later than

pregnant humans in this respect there is no obvious "seasonal" , 365 days a year, in addition to special circumstances, can engage in sexual activity, there may be pregnant. The gifted education perspective, choose the birth season, temperature change, epidemics, and other unfavorable factors are reduced to a minimum, to ensure to maximize favorable factors conducive to fetal growth and development, but it is very possible

favorably Health. Strictly speaking, China has a vast territory, north and south, east-west differences in climate, can not be simply divided in a season. From living in most areas of China, geographical conditions to consider, in August or September pregnant ideal.

from a medical point of view, three key stages: First, brain formation, that conception of the first three months embryonic development; brain cell division, after conception 6 months; Third, cell development coordination period, to conceive the first 7-9 months. If you choose to conception, pregnancy, six months, and childbirth in August or September in a suitable climate, nutrition easy deployment late autumn to mid-spring season, the nervous system of the fetus can be good development.

information, for delivery on December 7 peak season, 4-June compared to the off-season, which is closely related with the choice of the people to the wedding. By the impact of traditional, many people in the New Year, Spring Festival, National Day got married immediately pregnant. At a time when the turns warm again or autumn to early winter when the temperature changes, is a viral disease prone season, during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, viral infection is likely to cause fetal malformations. Such as the mother in pregnancy early and mid-term risk of a rubella virus can pass through the placenta into the fetus and multiply, causing eye, ear, brain, heart and nervous system damage (medically known as congenital rubella syndrome); influenza virus can lead to fetal malformations and lesions of the central nervous system of the brain, hydrocephalus, and lip, cleft palate and congenital heart disease; pregnant women with a fever, but also easy to premature delivery or miscarriage.

Medical experts believe that the best season is around August, about late July to early September, nearly two months pregnant. was poised

the pregnancy reaction occurs 40-60 days in the first trimester of pregnancy, in September or October, the pregnant women, mostly poor appetite, love picky eaters, but vegetables, fruits and variety can be adjusted to increase appetite, to protect the nutritional needs of the fetus . After two or three months, a time when the late autumn, a cool climate, pregnant women, increasing appetite is very beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus. The abundant sunshine, pregnant women often sun, the body can produce large amounts of vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption, contribute to the growth of fetal bones. In August or September, a time when summer and autumn, and pregnant women sleep at night by the heat of the impact of small, rest, nutrition and vitamin intake of pregnant women are more fully, are conducive to the development of the fetal brain and intelligence after birth development. Be snowy winter turns warm again carrying viruses such as influenza, rubella, meningitis gate gate from early spring, fetal gestational age more than 3 months safely through a teratogenic sensitive period. Moreover, the corresponding pre-production period before and after May of the following year. Childbirth when it is spring and early summer, the temperatures, breastfeeding, baby shower is not easy to catch a cold, vegetables, fish, eggs, and the supply of food is also very rich, maternal appetite, milk nutrition should be "confinement "The best season. Ensure the quality of the breast milk at the same time, new-born babies traveling light clothing seldom easy limbs free activities beneficial to the development of the brain and the body. Child after the full moon, the seasonal summer, tree shade, fresh air, sunny, easy outdoor sun and air bath. Children six months of age just at the before and after October autumn, the increase in food supplement he has successfully evaded the epidemic season of summer pediatric enteritis and other intestinal diseases. To a child learning to walk, to start weaning years of age, and the spring and summer, mild climate, plenty of fresh food, to provide favorable conditions for the growth and development of the child. Moreover, the spring and summer, gastrointestinal easy to adapt to weaning also easy success.

want to avoid the attention of the five or six months pregnant, because in July the weather is hot and humid, appetite originally not strong, coupled with the pregnancy reaction, inadequate nutritional intake, easily affect fetal development. As well as to avoid pregnancy in October, July midsummer childbirth. The maternal mattress Khan was more, if the summer heat childbirth, the climate is sultry, humid prone to heat stroke, the light dizziness, chest tightness, fever; severe cases, high fever, coma, and even death. At this time, but also skin infections, diarrhea and other disease-prone season, so it is best to avoid giving birth in the summer.

course, most parts of central and northern. China around the very different climatic conditions, it should be adapted to local conditions to consider, not mechanically. , If the temperature difference is not a strong contrast in some areas of the South, according to the local epidemic conditions and nutrient supply conditions, select the appropriate seasons pregnancy. Such as the North election in August or September, Southern election around June. the pregnancy should

winter, winter, the northern fresh vegetables and fruit than the lack of trace elements and vitamins relative intake less likely to affect fetal growth and development. Moreover, the very cold winter climate in the north, and more opportunity to go out to a virus infection. We all know that 8 weeks of pregnancy early embryonic period, this period pregnant