genital itching



genital itching vulva a symptom caused by a variety of different lesions, but may also occur in the vulva completely normal, when the itching is severe, the patient is more restless, affecting life and work.

genital itching were located in the clitoris, labia minora. Can also be spread to the labia majora, perineum or perianal etc. lesion area. Long-term scratch scratch the blood scab or secondary folliculitis.

edit this paragraph classification itching the part classification labia, anus and scrotum. The itching of three are collectively referred to as genital itching. The corresponding disease known as female genital itching and anal itching disease, jock itch, scrotum scabies disease treatment.

by severity into light heavy mild feel the itch, but does not impact disproportionately on the life and work, moderate your life, work some impact, and then there are more serious the time will affect your normal life, you do not even sleep at night, sleep well, and this is particularly serious. Genital itching to see if there are no other symptoms, such as vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge may vaginitis, this time to go to the hospital in a timely manner to allow doctors to check the emergence of pathogens, timely diagnosis and treatment. The itching etiology points lead outside the Yin Yang pathogen

data many, such as pinworm, trichomoniasis, scabies mites, fungi and bacteria. If the cause is clear, the disease is easy to cure. However, more outside the Yin Yang has nothing to do with these organisms, but long-term stimulus to the formation of the physical, chemical, and other factors of chronic dermatitis or eczema.

patient population in sub-infant genital itching

early childhood genital itching vulva of infancy by a bacterial infection inflammation. Due to the physiological characteristics of the infant and adult women, infants and young children vulvitis causes of disease manifestations, consequences, and treatment of adult women are not the same.

early childhood vulvar itching within 15 days after the birth of the baby girl, due to the presence of estrogen in the body (transport in the fetus by the mother), it makes the uterine glands and vaginal epithelium obvious influence of estrogen, the vagina, there will be a small amount of white sticky the a thick secretion logistics, sometimes you can also see a small amount of bloody secretion logistics out, these are normal, these secretions acidic pH of about 4 (this period vaginal self-purification). Because estrogen gradually excretion clean (this period ovarian secretion of estrogen) vaginal epithelial lose the effects of estrogen, the thinning of the vaginal mucosa, vaginal secretions significantly reduce its pH becomes neutral or alkaline ( In this case the self-purification, intravaginal significantly weakened). These are the physiological characteristics of the neonatal period. Child Care vulvar itching, baby girl at birth, vaginal bacteria, Gram-positive cocci after about 12 hours, can be found in the vagina, about three days later, the bacterial populations of all vaginal bacteria, about 15 days, vaginal bacteria is decomposed within the group of bacteria can be mixed with various bacteria.

infant wear open file pants and near the anus, vulva, do not clean the vulva is very susceptible to bacterial infection and inflammation. Baby diapers, if not promptly replaced, urine genital stimulation, is more likely to cause genital infection. Acute infectious diseases, systemic low resistance decreases, the vulva is not clean, outside the Yin Yirong easy inflammation. Vulvitis of minority children is caused because of vaginal foreign body. The bacteria caused vulvitis pyogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli. the

elderly genital itching

elderly genital itching may be caused due to senile vaginitis, old age due to ovarian failure, estrogen levels decrease, vaginal mucous membrane elastic tissue reduce vaginal mucosal atrophy and thinning, weak resistance, kill the pathogen reduce capacity, coupled with the lack of blood supply, capillary easy to destroy when stimulated or injury, caused by bacterial invasion, women without weak acid formulations care solution to clean the vulva, frequent sex life, malnutrition, lack of vitamin B is also easy to cause. Edit this section etiology etiology in

Overview genital itching is not an independent disease, it is often a symptom of many diseases, but sometimes can not find any reason, simply itching. However, it is at any place and at any time, itching up people restless, unable to sleep, brought untold suffering to women. Female care solution to wash every day the vulva can maintain genital self-cleaning function to solve unexplained vulvar itching. Chinese medicine believes that pathogenic wind and dampness, heat evil, blood deficiency, insect kinky as main reason for the disease, health and skin cream treatment principle dampness, heat and detoxifying, nourishing and moistening, blood circulation to reach Exorcism righting antipruritic efficacy.

local causes, the most common local leucorrhea, especially caused by of trichomoniasis or fungal infection vaginitis, nonspecific vaginitis, discharged a large number of abnormal vaginal discharge stimulate the genitals and genital itching. Genital itching

2, disinfection liquid rinse vulva, vagina or vaginal placed some stimulant medication, caused by drug allergies and chemical stimulation cause genital skin irritation or dermatitis occurs, causing genital itching. Vulva to Ph4 the weak acid formulations women care solution cleaning can better safeguard the genitals self-cleaning function.

3, menstruation do not pay attention to hygiene and use of sanitary napkins dirty or irritation, resulting in menstrual blood or vaginal secretions prolonged accumulation in the genitals, or ordinarily wear synthetic underwear and poor ventilation tights, genital often in the wet and hot environment, often can cause genital itching. [1]

4, some people often use strong soap or alkaline potassium permanganate solution to clean the vulva, causing genital dry skin, lack of grease and itchy. the

5, people with enterobiasis because pinworm often climbed the anus and stimulate around the anus and genitals, and cause itching, especially at night, and even affect sleep.

6, vulva eczema, neurodermatitis, atrophic lichen sclerosis vulva dermatitis and so not only can cause varying degrees of itching, at the same time may have varying degrees of genital skin turned white, atrophy or thickening of the change.

7, early symptoms of vulvar vulvar itching, some people happened vulvar itching after years. systemic reasons

1 diabetes because diabetes stimulation of the genital skin, especially when associated with fungal vulvitis, genital itching particularly serious. Many patients are the first medical treatment for genital itching and redness and upon further inspection, was diagnosed with diabetes. outside the Yin Yang

2, jaundice, vitamin A, B lack, anemia, leukemia and other chronic diseases, often as part of the systemic itching.

3, pregnancy and premenstrual genitals congestive even cause genital itching and discomfort.

4, unexplained vulvar itching in some patients vulvar itching is very serious, but no significant local or systemic reasons some people think may be related to mental or psychological factors. [2]

Edit this paragraph pathology 1, fungal vaginitis: fungal vaginitis patients, clinical manifestations of the vulva, vaginal itching, genital flushing, and may be associated with the bean dregs like vaginal discharge, vaginal odor. It needs to be noted that, to the patients avoid scratching, so as not to cause vulvar dermatitis eczema change.

2, vaginal trichomoniasis: vulva, vaginal itching, foamy vaginal discharge, often accompanied by a special smell after scratching the same genitals dermatitis eczema change. Do vaginal smears and the above disease like the difference between open.

3, pediculosis pubis: pubic lice often appressed to the skin surface or attached to the pubic hair roots, pubic lice eggs are pale, needle size. The pubic lice bite and their venom, excrement can cause itchy skin can produce desquamation, and secondary eczematous changes and folliculitis.

4, pinworm infection: mainly affects the young girls and adult women can also be infected, and when night anal relaxation, pinworm climbed out of swimming from the rectum to the genitals mating spawning, and stimulate the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals, causing local itching.

5, scabies the insect infection: cause scabies, external lesions most serious and the local itching are also the most obvious.

6, local skin unclean: Some women use toilet paper method improperly by genital skin menstrual blood, vaginal secretions, and even urine, feces and sweat impregnated leaving local skin chronic inflammation, and day-to-day just with water or alkaline bath gel The rinse causing genital itching. Female care solution selected Ph4 weak acid formulations, is more suitable for the cleaning of the vulva.

7, drug allergy: some vulvar itching due to drug allergy, as long as it is a female friend disinfection liquid rinse the vulva, vagina, or vagina placed certain drugs cause the vulva skin irritation or cause dermatitis occurs, causing itching.

8, vulval skin disease: jock itch skin lesions often extended to the genitals, causing local severe itching. The genitals localized itching caused by eczema and neurodermatitis more dramatic, former local skin ill-pimples blisters and erosions exudate, which often occurs due to scratching skin thickening moss partners moss. Vulva leukoplakia addition to cause Bureau itching, often accompanied by vulvar dystrophy, skin atrophy.

9, virus infection: genital warts occur mostly in the the female vaginal wall, cervix and vulva, also appear with a foul-smelling vaginal discharge. The outer genital molluscum contagiosum, multi-performance central round papules with umbilical nest-like depression can also cause genital itching. Genital herpes blisters more performance for the urethra and vaginal wall the size of a grain of rice and bright, in addition to local itching.

10, the intercourse allergies:

① The semen allergy: the men's semen, in addition to containing the sperm also contains a variety of antigenic material, if the female is allergies, sex life occurs after a series of allergic reactions. Mild symptoms appear itching of the vulva, labia and vaginal opening hyperemia, rubella-like skin appears on the labia. Even serious systemic reactions, such as chest tightness, difficulty breathing, facial flushing large area of ​​rubella-like skin.

② condoms, topical contraceptive drug allergy: condoms and topical contraceptive drugs are chemicals, some people will condoms or topical contraceptive drugs allergic reaction. - Like women manifested as genital itching, hyperemia of the vaginal opening and the vaginal wall. The apparent increase in vaginal secretions. Male performance for the head of the penis, itching, severe or even penis head congestion, edema, and erosion.

③ the leucorrhea allergy: female sexual excitement increased vaginal discharge, white with many antigenic substances, if the husband is an allergy, can cause allergic reactions, its symptoms and condoms, topical contraceptive drug allergies similar. anus scrapie general

middle-aged male multiple, but women also onset, risk of enterobiasis children also suffering. The itching is usually confined to the skin of the anus and around, and can also spread to the perineum, the skin of the vulva or scrotum. Anal itching caused by pinworm infection is common in children, often aggravated at night, you can find pinworms or eggs (night-positive rate). Adult anal itching is often caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissure. Many patients can not find a reason, and anal itching symptoms are very severe. Frequent scratching, anal folds can occur hypertrophy radial chapped, infiltration, lichenification or eczema-like change and other secondary damage. the

chronic vulvar dystrophy long time, foreign Yin Youqi itching, skin and mucous membranes pigment diminished white, local skin thickening, thickening performance, collectively referred to as leukoplakia, but there has been no uniform diagnostic criteria. Later, the international the vulva research institutions decide to cancel the leukoplakia naming, and such diseases renamed "chronic vulvar dystrophy. To this end, they make a lot of people to misunderstand, thinking that this disease refers to the systemic malnutrition, some patients in the clinic asked the doctor: I missing what foods to eat, how malnutrition?

actually people so far the exact cause of this disease remains unclear. Some tests, the prevalence of genital skin normal skin in the patient's thigh, switching, after a period of time and found that the skin graft to normal, were transplanted into the normal skin of the genitals but becomes skin disease. Therefore speculated vulva the neural vascular dysfunction of the deep portion, so as to cover on the surface of the skin nutrition disorders. The study shows that the organization of the various parts of the body are relying on neural regulation of the blood supply sufficient to draw nutrition, lack of long-term supply of nutrients must eventually lead to lesions occur. Vulvar dystrophy is caused by local lesions, and the nutritional status of the body and is not directly related.

the past, many people think that leukoplakia is a precancerous lesion, advocates early resection of the diseased tissue, but practice showed that the proportion of relapse is very high. In recent years, experts in long-term follow-up was found, is a chronic vulvar dystrophy, cancer rate is only about 2%. The key is long rule is invalid for some of the more serious symptoms, and ulcerated surface, nodular lesions in the genital area, should be promptly select the part of the organization for pathological examination.

other reasons for women suffering from diabetes, urine glucose stimulation of the genital skin, easy concurrent toadstool vulva and vaginitis cause genital itching. Suffering from hepatobiliary jaundice and other diseases, blood liner increased red quality, bile salt stimulation to the skin may also occur genital itching. In addition, some women but also because of the psychological factors in mental stress cause genital itching. outside the Yin Yang

itching menstrual period menstrual period are mostly caused by infections, viral infections and bacterial infections, such as common. outside the Yin Yang

menstrual period may be due to fungal infection, outside the Yin Yang, it is recommended to do a gynecological examination, usually to keep the partial drying, the underpants water soup or exposure. The tube is a virus or a bacterial infection caused outside the Yin Yang should first check, timely clear the disease, and then standardized, systematic and scientific treatment, in order to fundamentally solve the disease. If you just do it blind treatment, not only a waste of money and not cure the disease, delay treatment, missed the best treatment period. outside the Yin Yang reasons of

female friends, vaginal disease [3]: Candida vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, senile vaginitis, Gonococcal vaginitis, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection

2, vulva locally lesions: common warts, herpes , eczema, genital warts, vulvar squamous cell hyperplasia and lichen sclerosus, pubic lice and scabies.

Edit this paragraph vulvitis where he died what would happen induced genital infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, perirenal etc., can also lead to a variety of diseases occur simultaneously falling unhealed.

2, female genital itching, will influence their lives, so most are not and lead to marital relations.

3, female genital itching is severe, difficult to cure, easily repeated, lead to premature birth, fetal infection malformations.

4, genital itching is severe, not only make people feel restless, affecting their work, learn, live and sleep. [4]

edit this paragraph clinical performance early symptoms of vulvar itching in the clitoris, labia minora can also spread to the labia majora, the perineum or perianal lesion area. Often line paroxysmal attacks can also be persistent, general increased at night, no known cause genital itching usually occurs only in the reproductive age or postmenopausal women, and more spread throughout the genitals, but may only be limited to a certain unit or unilateral vulvar itching very serious, even unbearable, but local skin and normal appearance of the mucosa, or just a scratch scratching excessively. symptoms and characteristics of

Department of paroxysmal attack, can also be intensified continuity, generally at night, with no known cause genital itching usually occurs only in the reproductive age or postmenopausal women, and more spread throughout the genitals, but may also be limited to certain unit or unilateral vulvar However, the normal local skin and mucosal appearance or just scratching excessively scratches. Vulvovaginal candidiasis, trichomoniasis vaginitis a genital itching, vaginal discharge increased as the main symptoms. Vulvar squamous epithelial hyperplasia as the main symptoms associated with genital itching, genital skin depigmentation. Enterobiasis caused by genital itching at night staggering. Diabetes urine sugar on the genital skin irritation, especially concurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis, genital itching especially inflammation, even unbearable, but the normal appearance of local skin and mucous membranes, or only scratching excessively grasping marks and Blood scab. Outside the Yin Yang jaundice, vitamin A, B lack, anemia, leukemia and other chronic diseases, often as part of the systemic itching. Cholestasis of pregnancy liver and gallbladder can also occur, including the vulva, including the systemic skin itching

the summary, the above content about the symptoms and characteristics of vulvar itching, allows women to better diagnosis of vulvar itching, and women found vulvar itching to timely treatment, to maintain the health of the local.

Edit this paragraph diagnosis and self-examination

1. Use a small mirror placed below the vulva, move the mirror around according to television, with the help of a mirror, observe their own genitals. In addition, by observing vaginal secretions, such as vaginal discharge, and the color of blood, voicing, rare thick, they would have found some clues.

normal vaginal discharge is innocence color thin liquid, normal menstrual blood is bright red or light red, someone will have a little blood clots.

2. Sniffed the odor of secretions, blood or genital. Normal smell is light smell of sweat sour, or tasteless. If there is a stench, foul odor or smell, it may be a problem.

3. Wash your hands with the index and middle fingers of two fingers "pulp" (commonly known as "the belly"), "she begins," part, from the top down, touch the vulva in the order, until the anus. when

normal touch vulva, I feel should be smooth and soft. If you do not want to force to press, it will not feel the pain, of course, under normal circumstances should not touch a small nodule or mass. On the contrary, it may be sick. the

medical check

the do deeper examination, which requires the use of peep with, usually disposable or sterilized sealed. The doctor will warm look at it in the hot water, and then coated with vaseline, then co duckbill into the vagina, which makes checking easier to put up with some. The duckbill Open vaginal wall usually stick together softened, doctors can see clearly that the vagina, cervix.

after interrogation after, we should go to the examination bed after the cut off, took off his clothes and gynecological examinations. Urinate, do not be afraid to filling of the bladder will directly affect the check. Lying on the examination bed, legs apart, if you feel nervous, take a deep breath to make their own adjustments, do not forget to tell the doctor, she will help you to be distracted.


checks Objective: whether the genital skin smooth, color is normal, there is no phenomenon of ulcers, dermatitis, vegetation and hypopigmentation. Normal vulva: pubic hair was cutting-edge downward, the triangular distribution pigmentation of the labia majora, labia minora reddish clitoris length