Placenta, the human placenta, and Chinese medicine believes that the placenta sexual sweet, salty, warm, human lung, heart, kidney by tonifying the kidney, nourishing Qi Gong. Modern medical research suggests that the placenta contains protein, sugar, calcium, vitamins, immune factors, female hormones, progesterone, steroid hormones, gonadotropins, adrenocorticotropic hormone, etc., can promote the development of breast, uterus, vagina, testis, The role of thyroid, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, anemia is also good effect into powder and oral or enema to prevent measles or alleviate the symptoms. Door venous ascites due to cirrhosis and schistosomiasis advanced cirrhosis and ascites have a certain effect.

Placenta - shape

term Overview

is a type of product for the more commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, only contained in the "Materia Medica Supplements ". Take off when the man was born, the placenta, processed from drying.
Placenta, that is, the human afterbirth afterbirth, for healthy women delivered the placenta. "Compendium of Materia Medica" interpretation that its name: the ancestor of the "first heaven and earth, yin and yang, heaven and earth the beginning, the embryo trillion, ninety number of foot, the fetus is then multiplied and set out, travel in the Western Paradise of the Buddha in the country, the South China Sea, Spirit Mountain, floating in Penglai Wonderland, Miles Milky Way, so called Ho. " The mother was delivered in red, a little place that is, turn purple, it is called Placenta.
Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "child pregnant womb, the umbilical Department of the mother, the mother of tire Department of ridge by the mother of the shade, fine parent in maternal blood, consistency is made. acquired the shape of congenital qi, in fact, too, apparently non-stone vegetation class than the power of its tonic is very heavy, the Jiufu Ercongmuming, beard and hair black, and longevity ". the

people since ancient times knowledge "placenta" for nourishing the top grade, it can heal from the fundamental and regulate the physiological functions of the 人体各器官, activating the body's aging cells and cell regeneration and physiological functions of various body parts to restore to a few years, and even a few decades ago, state, energetic, youthful glow.
According to historical records, Chinese history, the earliest human placenta as a matter of health care when the most important 2200 years ago unified China, Qin Shi Huang, 219 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the 40-year-old along the Bohai Bay eastbound visits to Kyoto, territorial seas, looking for the elixir. Searched the world the immortal prescription, was actually the placenta. Qin Shi Huang put their esteem for the elixir of life. Since then, the placenta has been used as the top grade of the royal family health. Qing imperial private transfer, the Empress Dowager Cixi in middle age for many years to take the term firstborn baby boy placenta, in order to keep face. Painter Carl portrait painted for the Empress, the Empress when fifty years old, but charming face, charming charm, just like a middle-aged lady in the road of health and beauty, the role of the placenta can be seen. China than in the West, the court also has history of taking the placenta, Mary Edwards, the eighteenth-century French Louis XVI Princess and the legendary beauty, are taking extraordinary placenta.


ecological interpretation Homo sapiens L. - the vertebrate door Vertebrata, Mammalia Mammalia, Primates Primates , Section Hominidae

When a woman become pregnant, the fertilized egg from the fallopian tube the lower part into the uterus, and colonization in the endometrium; eggs develop into The embryo, surrounded by the uterine membrane continue to develop as the decidua, the end of decidua of maternal and fetal leafy chorionic combination of the placenta. Placenta, fetal nutrition, respiratory and excretory organs, and produce hypocretin. Childbirth, the first contraction of the uterus and uterine dilation, fetal breakthrough amniotic output, ligation and cut the umbilical cord; last uterine contraction again, by the separation of the end of the decidual the sponge layer and the wall of the uterus, placenta and fetal membranes discharged.

drug collection

collect fresh healthy maternal placenta into the water for rinsing, removing the fascia and prick the blood vessels of the umbilical cord around, squeezing out the blood, repeated rinsing several times, and knead gently wash to clean until taut and then use a thin wire ring on the inside, surrounded by wire sewn into the boiling water pot and cook until the placenta to remove the float when you cut the edge of the amniotic, and then set a smoke-free coal fire on the bake until bubbling, quality crisp Serve.

drugs concocted

to take the placenta to large amounts of cold water and soak for about three hours, and back to washing three times, go to the net dirt. Take pepper load sewn white cloth bag tied into the pot boiling, and then the placenta placed in pepper soup in batches investment. Cook about 2 to 3 minutes to remove and put the pot, add rice wine and mix well, set Ti and steam for about half an hour, remove the dried or drying ie (100 placenta, using pepper 4 two, rice wine kg).


medicine production and marketing

of the product of man dried placenta.

[name] Placenta Placenta Hominis Alias: placenta, afterbirth, the womb of the afterbirth, the human cell, Jing Ho, Du River car.
[Origin and sales habits maternity hospital of the major cities across the country to collect more collect around their own processing. More than the homegrown part of the exports.

chemical composition

contains a nitrogen-containing polysaccharides, and by eight molecules of acetyl glucosamine N-Acetyl-D-GlucosamineC6H13O5N molecules off lactose, D-Galactosae) and 6 molecules mannose (Mannose), and containing peptone (peptone), show (Albumose) polypeptide (polypeptide), choline. Fresh placenta with gonadal hormones (Chorionic gonadotropin), ovarian hormone and luteinizing hormone.


modern research

main ingredient

the composition of the placenta more complex. Placental globulin products contain a variety of antibodies for passive immunization in the clinical long-term. Human placenta contain interferon (interferon) and macroglobulin (called β-inhibitor).
also contain the blood coagulation-related components: one similar to the clotting factor Ⅻ fibrin stabilizing factor, urokinase (urokinase) inhibitor and fibrin plasminogen activator. Placenta

Usage: soup
human placenta contains hormones: gonadotropin A and B, prolactin, thyroid stimulating hormone, oxytocin-like substance, a variety of steroid hormones such as estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone ketone, androstane ketones, deoxy corticosteroids ketone, 11 - dehydrogenase cortical steroid ketone (compound A), hydrocortisone (compound. E) 17 - OH corticosteroids ketone (compound F). Chemical structure of the human placental lactogen and human pituitary growth hormone, immune cross-reaction also obvious synergies in hypophysectomy rats with growth hormone, also known as prolactin - growth hormone. Has been reported that growth hormone-like placental lactogen; also pointed out that the growth hormone-like role of placental hormones in hypophysectomy rats.also contains a variety of application value of the enzyme, the
human placenta: lysozyme (lysozyme), kininase (Kininase), Histamine enzyme (Histaminase), oxytocin enzyme (Oxytocinase). It also contains erythropoietin, phospholipids and a variety of polysaccharides.
from the acid extract of human placenta, the more amount of relaxation of rat duodenum and lowering blood pressure in composition, the nature and prostate prostaglandin E1 (Prostaglandin E1) is the same. the Placenta authenticity


pharmacological effects

1. Enhance the body resistance to the role of human placenta extract to the mice were injected subcutaneously, it swim time; rats were given intramuscular injection, the experimental gastric ulcer caused by reserpine, tension, the lower part of the ligation of the pylorus have a certain prevention and treatment. The fatty liver caused by carbon tetrachloride and sulfur B butyric acid to the hydrochloric acid hydrolyzate of the placenta in rats and skim, calm, significantly inhibited. Placenta powder to mice orally, can make tuberculosis reduced, while the anti-can promote the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, it is felt that its main function is to enhance the body resistance.
2. Anti-infective role of placental gamma-globulin containing interferon, can be used for prevention and control of viral infections. The placenta γ-globulin also contains such as measles, influenza antibodies and diphtheria antitoxin can be used for the prevention and mitigation of measles and other infectious diseases, due to placental gamma-globulin Department of proteins, so the oral invalid, must be injected.
placenta contains lysozyme to mice by intraperitoneal injection, mice prevents Salmonella, Salmonella typhimurium, the Freund Shigella endotoxin-induced death; but the E. coli caused endotoxemia.
3. Hormone-like role of the placenta may contain chorionic gonadotropin, estrogen and progesterone, hence the pharmacological effects of these hormones. Chorionic gonadotropin is a protein substances, oral invalid, the need for injection. Placenta extract to lactating young rabbits injected, seems to promote its role in development, and can significantly promote the thymus, spleen, uterus, vagina, mammary gland development, thyroid, testicular and promote the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, ovary, pancreas, liver, kidney, has almost no effect.
4. Clot in placenta with urokinase inhibitor, can inhibit the urokinase plasminogen activation "role, and decreased fibrinolytic activity related to this pregnancy. There are reports that plasminogen activation in the myometrium during pregnancy material with urokinase inhibitor ratio of 1:3. 4, and the placenta in both the proportion is as high as 1:1197. Low molecular weight coagulation the factor Ⅻ (a glycoprotein) in human placenta, such clotting factor can not only stabilize the fibrin clot, promote wound healing, the role of anti-histamine in animal experiments there. Clinically used to treat caused by bleeding in patients due to lack of Ⅻ factor.
5. Other effects in vitro tests, placenta extract can promote the inhibition of the recovery of the heart. Certain glycoprotein composition in the human placenta in vitro, can inhibit the synthesis of DNA in the lymphocytes, but does not affect cell viability. Of placenta extract can inhibit the fever caused by methylamphetamine.
Valsalva breathing measured knowledge, frozen placental pepsin digestive juice, water extract and 70% acetone extract can promote liver, heart, brain and other tissues of the respiratory and yeast breathing, cold storage compared with non-refrigerated stronger.
placenta serum on isolated guinea pig uterus excitatory effects, similar to the pituitary posterior lobe hormones.
placental chorionic extracts reaction on the skin of cancer patients than in healthy human notable, there are some diagnostic value, can continue to study to improve their specificity.
placenta protein containing a renin-like "step-up material, regulate blood circulation significance remains to be further clarified.

pharmacology and toxicology

anti-inflammatory effects

placenta γ-globulin antibody containing measles, influenza and diphtheria antitoxin can be used to prevent or mitigate measles, etc. infectious diseases. Department of proteins, so oral invalid, must be injected. Placenta γ-globulin with interferon, can be used clinically to prevent or control viral infection. The placenta also contains lysozyme, prevents mice (intraperitoneal injection) from Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella typhimurium, Freund Shigella endotoxin-induced death; endotoxic injury in rats also have a protective effect; but E. coli-induced endotoxemia.

enhance the body resistance

placenta powder for oral administration in mice can reduce tuberculosis, anti-promote the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, it is felt that its main function is to increase the body resistance. Hydrochloric acid hydrolyzate of the placenta after the skim, the rats were given intraperitoneal injection of fatty liver caused by carbon tetrachloride and B the Sulfur butyric acid (Ethionin) calm, significantly inhibited. Mice were injected subcutaneously human placenta extract, its swimming time extension; intramuscular injection in rats (reserpine, the tension of certain types of experiments, ligation of the pylorus the lower part, and so on) of the experimental gastric ulcer, there is a certain prevention and treatment.

hormone-like role

placenta physiologically able to produce human chorionic gonadotropin, little effect on the ovary, but excitatory effects on the testis; In addition, can also produce estrogen and progesterone. May contain these hormones in the placenta, and thus has the pharmacological effects of these hormones. Chorionic gonadotropin is a protein substances, oral invalid, the need for injection. Breast-feeding infant rabbits injection of placenta extract seems to promote its development, the thymus, spleen, uterus, vagina, breast, significantly promote their development, to promote the role of the thyroid, testicular, pituitary, adrenal, ovarian, pancreas, liver, kidney, no. of


placenta contains the so-called urokinase inhibitor, can inhibit the activation of urokinase on fibrin plasmin; this could explain pregnancy decreased fibrinolytic activity. The fiber according to the determination of the myometrium during pregnancy plasmin activator and urokinase inhibitor ratio of 1:3.4, the placenta, both the proportion is as high as 1:1197. The human placenta contains a low molecular weight clotting the factor Ⅻ (a glycoprotein), and therefore can be used to treat patients with bleeding due to the lack of Ⅻ factor. Such clotting factors can not only stabilize the fibrin clot, promote wound healing, the role of anti-histamine in animal experiments there. for other


in vitro tests, placenta extract can promote the inhibition of the recovery of the heart. Placental protein containing a renin-like pressor substance in the regulation of blood circulation, its significance has yet to be further clarified. Still contain some glycoprotein components from human placenta in vitro, can inhibit the lymphocytes in DNA synthesis, but does not affect cell viability. Placenta extract a large number of fever caused by the Norwegian system of methylamphetamine. Frozen placental pepsin digestive juice, water extract and 70% acetone extracts of the Valsalva breathing measured knowledge, can promote the liver, heart, brain and other tissues of the respiratory and respiration of yeast, cold storage than those of non-refrigerated stronger. Placenta serum excitatory effect on isolated guinea pig uterus, similar to the posterior pituitary lobe hormones. Placental chorionic extracts on the skin of cancer patients than healthy response artificially significant, have some diagnostic value, continue to study and improve its specificity. Estrogen-like effects: placenta contains a variety of enzyme systems involved in the metabolism of steroid hormones such as estrogen and progesterone metabolism; placenta still chorionic gonadotropin secretion, to promote the development of breast and female genital function.


subcutaneous injection of human placental extract for 3-6 months, no significant difference in weight gain compared with control group, moderate dose to about 14 days, you see the whole body tremors, vertical Mao, injection site swelling, appetite, blood and urine tests showed no abnormalities. Clinical application of 300 times, showing that liver cells atrophy, fat calm and bleeding, renal proximal convoluted catheter epithelial vacuolization, increase in spleen and blood, the pituitary gland eosinopenia, skin edema, connective tissue cells and bone marrow in the cell increase. 150 times the amount of clinical application, there is no cause special change. Pregnancy subcutaneous injection of placenta extract in mice and rats no teratogenic effect. The development of the newborn pups, and more than the control group. The placenta (or in conjunction with the umbilical cord), brine leaching solution to the rabbit intravenous injection, visible difficulty in breathing, lips cyanosis, incontinence, convulsions and intermittent spasms and death. Repeated intravenous injection of the phenomenon of rapid tolerance, this toxic substance can be due to dialysis, sorption, digestion, disappeared. 3-4 months of pregnancy bovine placenta extract, low toxicity, but no significant pharmacological effects.

medicine identification

character identification
irregular round or oval dish bar, diameter 9 to 16 cm, a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. Yellowish-white, purple and yellow, or purple. Outside (ie, maternal surface) uneven, with the majority of grooves for the fluff leaves;
inner surface by a very thin layer of amniotic packet (ie, fetal side), smooth edge inward curl in the central or the side attached to the remnants of the umbilical cord, umbilical cord at the scattering to the four weeks many vascular branching. Hard and brittle fracture surface yellow or brown, mixed with white block particles depend on the fetal side is loose. There are specific smell of fish.
Placenta is the name of the human placenta Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine called afterbirth afterbirth. Placenta of fresh goods, dry goods can be medicine. Each Placenta, weighing about 30 to 60g, hard and brittle texture, the smell of fish. Neat, purple, clean, better.
placenta is neither vegetation, non-stone, the world no purple river, why named "Placenta"? In fact, the origins of the name with a strong mythical. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica," explained, "the first of heaven and earth, yin and yang of the ancestors, the beginning of heaven and earth, the embryos will trillion, ninety-foot, fetal multiplication is being carried.", The traveling in the Western Paradise Buddha, the South China Sea, Spirit Mountain, floating in Penglai Wonderland, Miles Milky Way, so called Ho. The mother delivered in red, a little place that is, turn purple, so called "Placenta medicine.
TCM believes that the placenta sexual sweet, salty, warm, human lung, heart, kidney by tonifying the kidney, nourishing Qi Gong. "Herbal Supplements" statement "main blood Leishou, women and the strain surface blacken leather black, all intra-abdominal disease gradually thin haggard". Modern medical research suggests that the placenta contains protein, sugar, calcium, vitamins, immune factors, female hormones, progesterone, steroid hormones, gonadotropins, adrenocorticotropic hormone, etc., can promote the development of breast, uterus, vagina, testis, the thyroid gland to promote the role of clinically used for treatment of uterine hypoplasia, uterine atrophy, myositis of the uterus, functional amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, breast milk deficiency disorders, significant efficacy of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, anemia is also good effect, into powder orally or by enema to prevent measles or alleviate the symptoms. Door venous ascites due to cirrhosis and schistosomiasis advanced cirrhosis and ascites have a certain effect.

performance function

Placenta of sexual taste

sweet salty, warm.

Placenta function

qi, nourishing, Yijing.

Placenta attending

wasting, Leishou, hemoptysis, asthma, hot LO Gu Zheng, nocturnal emission embolism.

Placenta dosage

3.5g ~~ 5g.

Placenta taboo

real evil were hanged. Wang who should not be used alone. Placenta


umbilical cord Restis umbilicalis dry umbilical cord. Was slender pale yellow or dark brown strips; about 10 to 15 cm. There are two arterial tube and an intravenous tube. Kidney function is satisfied, given cough, sweating, cure consumptive cough.

therapeutic value human placenta. Take a fresh healthy maternal placenta, remove the amniotic membrane, umbilical cord, washed, steamed or set in boiling water for Nao, dry. Into powder to use. Can also be fresh.
[performance] sweet, salty, and warm. Can Bushenyijing, qi, blood.
[reference] containing a variety of antibodies and interferon, a variety of hormones, enzymes, erythropoietin, phospholipids, polysaccharides.
immune function, enhance the body resistance; can promote breast, uterus, vagina, ovaries, testes development; anti-allergic effects.
[uses] for insufficient kidney essence deficiency of blood loss, impotence and nocturnal emission, backache, tinnitus, or infertility; kidney deficiency, breathing short breath; lack of blood, weight loss and deprivation, body tired fatigue or postpartum milk.
[Usage] 1 a day. Simmer stew, soup, and so on. Into powder and food, daily 5-10g, 2 ~ 3 times food.
attached to side]BREE drink
1, Ho: placenta powder 6g, Cistanche, dodder, epimedium, angelica 10g, medlar 15g. In addition to the placenta powder, and the rest are Jianshui juice, add brown sugar to boiling. Three times drink, placenta powder 2g each delivery service.
from the family diet in convalescence. The parties to the Placenta kidney Yijing, Epimedium, Cistanche, dodder was kidney, Yijing, medlar, Angelica Bugan benefits of blood. For the deficiency, kidney essence deficiency, the marriage eventually becoming pregnancy.
2, River car meatballs: placenta 1, pork 250g, Codonopsis, Astragalus 30g. Placenta, pork the hacked Rouni, salt, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, water, starch, etc. and mix thoroughly, made meatballs, add boiling soup; ginseng, Astragalus decoction take the gravy in the cooked meatballs nearly into the and put a little green leafy vegetables and spices.
from the family diet in convalescence. The side benefits of blood to the placenta, pork, blood tonic, Codonopsis, Astragalus qi. For qi, and amenorrhea. Can also be used for post-natal physically weak, insufficient milk.

each discourse

1. Placenta rule Consumption of blood when the Gu Zheng qi drugs rank and file of qi deficiency plus drug, blood deficiency plus drug. Orientalis, aggregata leaves, both the wine spilled, nine steam nine exposure with the pill, a large can benefit, kidney pills.
2. "Ben Cao Jing Shu": the cell are complement the yin and yang of the drug, Coming to the origin also of the power. Yin fine dry, water system for fire, however, made for the cough, vomiting, Gu Zheng, sweats, and other evidence, the case of Yang Sheng Yin, when strong water main and system of the sun, and should not be served this and make up the agent to consume will exhaust the yin. Wei Huo tooth pain, and also to avoid the law.
3. Fold the brachial Man Records: Ho heat into that fire, this says that the most harm to the people. Ho but blood and yin thing, is this heat, but its heavy force, it seems to help fire the ear, the dispensing of the slow service, how to help the fire.
4. This by every original ": Placenta intrinsic blood knot of fertilization pregnant remaining liquid, have the mother of the blood the majority, it could be Jun fill camp blood, and for the governance Gu Zheng Leishou disease Asthma Consumption, is the complement to taste also.
5. Bear Wat "theory" of stroke: stroke, long time, Wei gas will decline, For Wei fit in the table, must be beneficial renal angry, such as trees Pearson fundamental branches smooth Mao, and then various drugs than the total purple River The car in essence, its nature into flesh and blood, more than neither vegetated comparable, and not cold not hot, while the source of the Wei, Qi, germinal. Cover the case of flesh and blood, flesh and blood fill with gas and also.
6. "Herbal Supplements": the main blood gas Leishou woman strain, surface skin leather, black, various diseases of the abdominal gradually thin haggard.
7. Wu ball: the government wasting labor pole, epilepsy, demoralized trance, peace of mind, nourishing Qi complement the fine.
8. . "Ben Cao Meng Quan: treatment of various weakness and loss, labor Zhai pass the dead, cure five workers and injured seven, Gu Zheng, hot flushes, throat cough sound dumb, thin hair dry, spit bleed at the nose to red.
9. "About medical mirror": where the Gu Zheng, night sweats, back pain, knee soft, thin and fine litter, and all can benefit.
10. "The herbal medicine is re-new": nourishing strength, management Blood, cure for grief wet dream.
11. "Modern Practical Chinese: for neurasthenia, impotence, infertility, and to promote milk secretion agent for pains reminders into agents.
12. Shandong Herbal Medicine Handbook ": prevention of measles.

clinical study γ-globulin in the Placenta containing measles, influenza and other antibodies and diphtheria antitoxin, which contains interferon can prevent and control a variety of viral infections, therefore, Placenta can be used to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, hepatitis, infection can alleviate their symptoms. Efficacy for the treatment of varicella observed that placental peptide both immunomodulatory effects, but also has some antiviral activity, is worthy of clinical application of biological agents. Welchii and other regulatory peptides using the placenta to the treatment of chronic active hepatitis B, supplemented with vitamins, liver tablets, inosine, cured 12 cases were cured, 52 cases, 20 cases improved, the total efficiency of 91.3%; immune indicators rapidly improve. phytohemagglutinin (PHA) skin test erythema improve to 19.5 mm, C3 from 10.7% increased to 11.5%, IgG, IgA, have decreased in varying degrees, but simply with vitamins and inosine, immune indicators of the average change is not obvious . This is to achieve the purpose of anti-viral immune regulation. Anti-hepatitis B placenta peptide HBsAb positive placental extract a specific placental peptide used in the treatment of hepatitis B reported, such as Ho in the organization of the Ministry of Health II clinical trials confirmed the placenta anti-hepatitis B peptide 4 mL intramuscular injection, 1 day, 3 months after HBeAg and HBV-DNA negative conversion rates were 53.6%, 50%. Placental peptide Another example is the provider's 78 cases with or without HGV-RNA positive chronic hepatitis B patients with anti-hepatitis B treatment of four months, the ALT normalization rates, HBeAg and HBV-DNA negative conversion rate of 73.80%, respectively, 58.97%, 55.13%, and 25 cases of liver pathological changes after treatment showed significant improvement.
1. In vitro experiments
placenta activity factor (PAF) in vitro against herpes simplex virus role carried out research, using indirect immunofluorescence assay drug antiviral Experimental results show that of PAF on cell non-toxic, harmless, and promote the growth of cells. PAF can not be closed to the cell surface receptor for the virus, the virus adsorption and penetration of non-interference, but the PAF more pronounced inhibition and direct killing effect of the virus. PAF had the best time within a certain concentration and effects of the virus, completely inhibited the activity of the viral infection, and protect cells from infection. The experiment further proved that the PAF contains a beta-interferon, and therefore inhibit viral replication. He was admitted by the placenta in vitro purified human trophoblast interferon, carried antibodies and experiments show that anti-IFN-α antibody significantly inhibited the antiviral activity, thus conceived, human villi tissue in vitro culture conditions the antiviral activity of IFN-like substance secreted by fetal growth and development must have some physiological role. ω interferon (IFN-ω), and trophoblast protein homology can be as high as 70% to 80%. Therefore, the two have some connection. Foreign application containing fresh 250 U/mL INF-ω, INF-α2 or IFN-γ in culture medium, culture containing part of the HBsAg genome of the PLC/PRF/5 cells, respectively, in culture 24,48,72 h, with measured by ELISA HBsAg expression levels. Results: INF-ω and INF-α2 similar to the inhibition of HBsAg expression. Both inhibit antigen synthesis are significantly similar, and has good application prospects in the treatment of
2. In vivo experiments
Placenta one hand, the antiviral mechanism is directly inhibit or kill the virus, the other is by regulating the body's immune system to achieve the purpose of anti-virus. Zhang and other studies have shown that from HBVM-Ag-positive, specific transfer factor of HBVM-Ab-positive placental extract was injected into mice, the mice peripheral blood lymphocytes was significantly increased thymus weight and thymus index also increased significantly, and then lipase staining prove that 75% of the T-sample lymphocytes, 25% of Thy-kind lymphocytes. In addition, a series of experiments to prove the specific immune activity specific placenta Transfer Factor (PSTF) of HBV positive donor can transfer to the PSTF the specific immune activity to the negative receptor. Wang observed the impact of human cell injection in normal mice and mice immunized with sheep red blood cells (SRBC) immune function. The results show that human cell injection could promote the spleen of normal body growth and fertility, strengthen the spleen of immune function, enhance the vitality of macrophages and T cells, the body of non-specific immune function and cellular immune function; human cell injection enhanced SRBC immune humoral immune function, and enhance the IgM type antibody production, improve the body resistance to disease, play a rousing effect.

clinical applications

1. Treatment of bronchial asthma: Take health, maternal placenta, low-temperature drying after wash, and research into the fine or made into pills spare. Daily 6-12g, 3 times after meals. Trial of treatment of two cases were recently cured. Otherwise acupoint injection of placental blood line, acupoints: Ying window Feishu (main points) days of the conflict, the smell of mutton, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao (acupoints). Each choice of 3-4 points per hole 0.5ml, daily or every other day injection of 1. V. local pain, in 1.6ml placental blood plus 0.25% procaine 0.4ml Note 4 points acupuncture points. Test rule 8 cases, 7 cases; recurrence then is still valid.
2. Treatment of chronic bronchitis: 20% distillate made from fresh placenta, daily intramuscular injection of 1, each 2ml, 10 days for a course. Treatment of chronic illness in frail health, the other method of treatment does not effect the repeated attacks of 47 patients, the results of the past more than 17 cases, 24 cases markedly improved in six cases. On cough, phlegm, dyspnea, have some efficacy in patients with physical there are varying degrees of enhancement. No side effects.
3. Treatment of skin ulcers: fresh placenta to the impact of blood clots by aseptic technique, remove fetal membranes, cut into 1-2mm3's in small pieces, immersed in sterile saline, placed 1-4 ℃ refrigerator the next day can be used for planting wound. Usage: debridement after placental tissue tile dry, bandage fixed. In the case of leg ulcers, from toe to knee wrapped with elastic bandages. Such as the placenta after one week of dry scab or crust surface is wet and no local tenderness and discharge, 2-3 weeks to heal. Such as planting fails, may again be implemented in one week. Treatment of 30 cases, 22 cases healed by 1-2 times of planting, four cases of progress in four cases is not valid. It was observed that the healing has an important relationship with the local blood circulation, poor circulation cure rate is low.
4. treatment of breast milk deficiency: oral administration of Placenta powder, each 0.5-1.0g daily or 3 times. The delivery time is generally from 3 days postpartum. Treatment of 57 cases, taking the number of days to 1-7 days to 2-4 days. Results take one days after the effective 6, two days effective 24 days effective person, 4 days effective 12 people, five days effective 3 and 6 days effective 5, 7 days effective 1 people.

the need to study 1. Placenta is the organization of biological agents, at present belong to the limit or be eliminated herbs
Placenta belong to the organization of biological agents, although the raw materials taken from the placenta of healthy mothers, but the preparation may be difficult to detect pathogenic microorganisms. For example, it was reported that the major hospitals in Qingdao City, are used by different manufacturers or batches of human serum gamma globulin and placental globulin 5, four anti-HCV-positive persons, accounting for 80%, and showed a strong positive reaction, so state of control policy. This makes the promotion and application of the placenta preparations are subject to certain restrictions. The above facts, it requires us to anti-viral active ingredients extracted from the placenta be separated by molecular biology techniques, cloning to produce a new type of antiviral drugs. This will greatly overcome the drawbacks of organize biological agents.
2. Trophoblast protein is probably an important reason for the fetus to prevent intrauterine infection
a lot of information of HBsAg-positive pregnant women, their HBV virus can infect the fetus through the placenta barrier or first infection of the placenta and in which the copy, and then infect the fetus, its placenta high rate of infection. In practice, however, these mothers give birth to the neonatal HBsAg mostly negative, low positive rate. If the newborn immediately after birth and hepatitis B vaccine injection, 80% to 91% of fully immunized. But if you do not vaccinate, HBsAg positive pregnant women produced babies in one year to become HBsAg positive. This was considered to be due to the role of maternal antibodies delayed the expression of HBV components in the neonatal body. However, other studies show that maternal anti-HBc antibodies did not inhibit the expression and replication of HBV antigens in the neonatal body. Professor Zhu Yutong this phenomenon, the placenta may secrete a HBV inhibitor that can inhibit HBV antigen expression and replication of the fetus during pregnancy, after birth, this inhibitor is soon disappear from the blood and tissues of the newborn. Wang Fu-sheng, Determination of hepatitis B-positive pregnant women, placental tissue of HBV-DNA in situ hybridization results showed that the HBV infection rate is very high (100%) the placenta and decidua as the main parts of the intrusive and even copied, and the fluff layer (including villous syncytiotrophoblast layer, villous axis structure, blood vessels and cells in the villi) had no positive signal, indicating that the virus is not invasion of leafy villi. This suggests that there may be a substance present in the trophoblasts in order to prevent the invasion of the virus. Based on the above facts and trophoblast protein data can be speculated that this inhibitory factor may be trophoblast protein, it is one important reason to protect the fetus from intrauterine infection. This hypothesis is correct remains to be elucidated.
3. Trophoblast protein study of the status quo at home and abroad
In recent years, more research on animal and human trophoblast protein sheep trophoblast protein (oTP,) antiviral activity has been affirmed. oTP has a high antiviral activity (2 × 108 3 × 108 U/mg) of its similarity with the known interferon function. From the local perspective, and its antiviral activity to protect the fetus from viral infection is beneficial. There were also reports that, oTP can resist the sheep slow virus and human immunodeficiency virus, preventing the development of interstitial pneumonia of sheep lentivirus.
cattle and sheep trophoblast protein nucleotide sequence has been studied. On the TP structure has been some progress. After checking the Genbank shows, it was reported that in 1993 the DNA sequence of human trophoblast protein, this in-depth study of protein structure and function of trophoblast laid the foundation. Recently noted in particular IFN-ω is not only a high degree of antiviral activity, but also in the structure with animal trophoblast proteins are very similar, so the study, which suggests that we need the structure of the IFN-ω and TP or function of the contact given high priority. The data indicate that IFN-ω and TP of different interferon family. Trophoblast protein with interferon (IFN-ω), the relationship between isolation and cloning of trophoblast protein or IFN-ω is the key issue of antiviral active ingredient in our study Placenta.
4. Molecular biology approach to carry out the research of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the modernization of traditional medicine
20. Since the 1990s, molecular biology techniques has been rapid development. The application of molecular biology theory and technological achievements, to carry out the research of traditional medicine, is one of the important way for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. This is to promote the academic development of Chinese medicine to promote the combination of Chinese and Western medicine in a deeper level and to achieve the modernization of Chinese medicine will have a profound impact. In drug development, many domestic and foreign scientists will look at the Chinese herbal aspects, trying to find new active ingredients, the new monomer to create a new class of drugs. In this sense, we recommend Placenta knowledge of molecular biology to study the antiviral active ingredient, combining clinical practice, will help reveal the molecular mechanism of the therapeutic efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine to promote the development of the drug.


alpha interferon is recognized and effective antiviral drugs, but the side effects frequently reported.

prescription Selected

4. Shuijianbi a day.


boil is caused by what the?

infection and skin dirty, scratches, high ambient temperature or lower the body resistance to infection-related. Boils can occur in any follicles of the skin area, often to the head, face, neck, armpits and buttocks so often by the friction of the parts is more common.

(a) causes

boil the pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus based, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, are also caused by the disease. Local and systemic skin's resistance to infection is reduced mainly due to Benbingfasheng, so infants, malnutrition, diabetes is a good risk of this disease. Dirty skin, skin abrasions, high ambient temperatures often lead to local infection such as the direct cause.

(B) the pathogenesis

bacteria invade the hair follicle and their sebaceous glands and sweat glands, in hair follicles and surrounding tissue multiply rapidly, producing toxins, causing local tissue degeneration, necrosis, and the center of the formation of boils, the performance of local congestion, exudation, induration. Aggregation of neutrophils to the damaged body tissue cells and bacteria to be destroyed, and he gradually necrosis and dissolution, the formation of abscesses in the dermis. Due to Staphylococcus aureus, coagulase contain toxins, so the formation of pus bolt, protruding outward. Swelling and induration clinically visible in the center of a yellow-white pus plug. This is Staphylococcus aureus infected lesion characteristics. Ulceration after discharge pus, abscess gradually by the new fibrous tissue repair and healing.


boil the early symptoms?

1. redness, swelling, heat, pain summary, cylindrical cone.

2. inflammation to the development of nodules increases, the pain intensified.

3. A few days later nodules central necrosis, abscess formation, dissolution, soft induration, pain relief, the central pus head most of the self-rupture, discharge pus, inflammation subsided recovery.

4. furuncle usually no obvious symptoms, but if the blood flow occurred in the rich parts of the body resistance weakened, it can cause discomfort, chills, fever, headache and loss of appetite and other symptoms of toxemia.

5. Facial Boil such as intracranial infection, facial swelling and severe, may be associated with chills, fever, headache, sinus infections and other embolization.

boil because of location, severity of different clinical manifestations may vary.

local swelling and pain sclerosis: no systemic symptoms of early disease and more, only infection redness, swelling, pain, range of not more than 2cm in diameter, small nodules gradually enlarged, as papules bulge. A few days later lesions extended about 3 ~ 5cm, nodules gradually softened, the center was white, a slight touch of the fluctuations; then ulceration pus, and the emergence of yellow-white pus plug. Pus bolt off, pus shed, the inflammation subsides and healing. There is no pus boil bolt (the so-called headless boil), since the collapse a bit late, need to find ways to promote its pus discharge (Figure 2 ).

fever, swollen lymph nodes: furuncle serious infection, the local area of ​​the lymph nodes, tenderness, and may be associated with body heat, and sometimes lymph node abscess formation.

nose, upper lip and around (called "dangerous triangle") of the surface boil, add or pushed in touch, the bacteria via the angular vein, ophthalmic vein into the brain, causing intracranial suppurative infection. At this point may have fever, headache, vomiting, consciousness disorders.

early follicular redness, swelling, heat, pain, induration. After the white purulent center, there is volatility. May be associated with systemic fever, elevated white blood cell count and differential count.


boil ate?

therapeutic side:

1. composed of: a single head of garlic, honey, 9 grams. Usage: pound evenly wrap the affected area.

2. consists of: single head of garlic amount. Usage: Peel and slice into 2 to 3 mm, with the first affected area with warm salt water when dry wash, and then sticking garlic, and gently massage the 10 to 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, 2 3 There is no more. Indications: Boil, folliculitis. Note: In severe cases, such as local irritation may reduce the massage time, a serious condition should be added to serve anti-inflammatory drugs.

3 . composed of: tea 2 grams of dried honeysuckle 1 gram. Usage: boiling water 6 minutes after each meal drink in a cup. Indications: Boil, exogenous heat.

4. composed of: fresh Malan first 100 grams, the amount of liquor. Usage: Add a little salt before blindly smashed wine Ban Cheng paste, coating the surface of the skin furuncle carbuncle. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle.

5. Composition: rosin 10 grams of white wine. Usage: rosin research to fine tune white wine into a paste, resisting heat, wrap the affected area after dissolution, for the degree of responsibility to cover all of the above and then covered with wax paper and tape securely, to enhance efficacy, can drop a few drops of wine, rosin to keep moist. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle, folliculitis.

6. smashed topical papaya leaves, swollen boil carbuncle treatment drug.

7. fresh peach leaf, plug smashed the lesion, treatment of nasal furuncle.

8. rhizome or fresh banana leaves smashed Jiao Zhi, coating the surface of the skin, cure carbuncles, boils, swelling.

9. almond powder with sesame oil paint, heat treatment boil.

10. Purple cane coal deposit of the skin, powder, paint the affected area or sesame oil dressing, boil carbuncle treatment, stomatitis , eczema.

11. raw taro add a little salt, smashed drunk wrap the affected area twice a day replacement, bones can cure pain, swelling of unknown drugs, pediatric head hot boil, finger boil.

12. raw loofah (or leaf), smashed juice, coated surface of the skin, soak sore treatment days, yellow water sores, heat boils, urticaria .

13. mung bean sugar kelp: seaweed 60 grams, shredded, green beans, 150 grams, with the soup, add brown sugar to taste food. There Sedative, diuretic, soft-kin, Phlegm, scattered gall tumor effect. For hypertension, beriberi edema, neck lymphadenopathy, simple goiter, prickly heat boils hot summer day in children poison, phlegm cough embolism.

14. yi melon soup: melon (not peeled) 500-600 g, yi 50-100 grams of soup. Can be flavored with sugar or salt, on behalf of the tea used, heat, hot weather, diuretic, dehumidification effect. Drugs for Rush boils, eczema athlete's foot, yellow urine deficient.

15. Daozhi raw turnip, vinegar and rub the affected area transfer, heat treatment boil.

16. green beans 30 grams of powder, each 10 grams, water delivery service, boils cure breast swelling and pain.

17. failure to adopt the open rose 3 - 5 朵 wash, add water, two pregnant, suffering from a cup of low heat, ice sugar 30 grams, made of rose soup, until the temperature dose, to cure blood stasis amenorrhea, boils Chung pain, traumatic swelling and pain.

18. boils and pus ulceration of the skin sore or eczema, rinse with water, tea, allow the wound clean and promote healing.

19. a white sweet potato, peeled and chopped, smashed, can also be added with the same amount of fresh Houttuynia smashed, spreads in the affected area, apply to the local heating that line replace (about two three hours long), and even apply a few days more, boils cure mastitis.

20. soybeans amount, turn on the water immersed soft, add a little alum were smashed drunk, external surface of the skin, swollen boils boil treatment.

21. adzuki beans with water until soft, mash with water or vinegar, or honey or egg amount, into a paste, external surface of the skin, cure mumps, hot boil.

22. Kapok 30 - 50 grams of sugar amount, fry a bowl with water and drink two bowls and a half. Favorable moisture, heat effect. For enteritis, urethritis, eczema, summer boil embolism.

23. fresh buckwheat leaves 60 grams, Shuijianbi day one; or fried yellow noodles with the vinegar into a paste, applied to the lesion, sooner or later be replaced. Governance sore, swollen boils, erysipelas, mastitis, and swelling of unknown drugs.

appropriate patients to eat what?

1, edible grapes plus zinc salt or zinc, other foods such as soy, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, yeast, brown sugar and so on.

2, Yi Shi taste light, the cold food, such as Malan head, purslane, melon, red and white radish, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, mung bean, red bean, lily, chrysanthemum brain and celery.

patients unfit to eat what?

not eat ginger, pepper and other spicy foods , as well as mustard, yellow croaker, shrimp, crab, chicken head, goose, Zhu Tourou so fat objects.

should avoid fried foods and meat, edible oil cans.

data only refer to the specific, please ask a doctor.


how to prevent boils?

boil is born of acute suppurative superficial skin disorders, widely available health, children, young people more common. "Surgical management case" that: "boil persons, birth processes, floating red rootless feet, swollen found in the skin, only the width of an inch, there is less pain, a few days later Microsoft, thin peel, the beginning of the blue water, the latter from breaking the pus out of. "The disease occurs in the summer and autumn, protruding roots shallow, swelling potential limitations, lift the red pain, mostly in the range of about 3cm, easily swollen, easy to collapse, Yi Lian. Early can be divided into a head, without the first two kinds of general light and easy to cure the symptoms, so the saying goes, "no boil the size of a pus like." ;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; But also due to the formation of improper treatment or care "mole cricket boils," or repeated seizures, lack of disunion. Multiple furunculosis ", is difficult to cure.


boil precautions before treatment?

attention to the skin clean, timely replacement of underwear and avoid skin injuries, especially in the summer, to bathe, wash your hair, hair, changing clothes, nails, children in particular should pay attention. With honeysuckle and wild chrysanthemum Jiantang tea. Boil the surrounding skin should be kept clean and coated with 70% alcohol to prevent infection spread to nearby hair follicles.

boil Chinese medicine treatment methods

total boil caused by the toxic heat treatment to detoxify the basic principles.

A Differential Treatment:

1. Heat toxin Accumulation card: lesion processes, such as cone, burning pain, or fever, thirst, tongue pink, yellow fur, rapid pulse. Detoxification. Flavors disinfection decoction.

2. Shushi heat Melancholia: seen in summer and autumn, the affected area, such as agglomeration cone, single or multiple, burning pain, chest tightness, anorexia, deficient urination, red tongue, greasy or yellowish, veins slippery. Qingshu dampness, detoxification swelling. Qingshu Decoction.

3. Is virtual evil love cards: distributed in the body, local color dark red, pus scarce, one after another, delayed healing, with fever, irritability, thirst, or fatigue, limb soft, red tongue thin yellow, rapid pulse. Righting detoxification. Liu Wei Di Huang Decoction.

Second, external treatment and other treatment:

1. The beginning of detoxification should be swelling, moderate to henbane, water reconcile, wrap the affected area. Or wishful golden powder for external application. Or green cream Waicha.

2. Pus, the clip bolt out the pus.

3. Unhealed after the collapse, sores can be a little ninety-one Dan to drugs or drug line twist into sores, topical berberine gauze.

4. Oral Meihuadianshe Dan, Niuhuangjiedu, Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan, Liushen other medicine.

5. Unilateral prescription: Silver Flower 30g, licorice 10g, decoction, on behalf of the tea.

Western boil treatment

1. Local treatment, such as heat, physical therapy, 10% ichthyol coated ointment. Facial Boil should rest in bed should not squeeze or prick Boil, so as not to spread to the brain.

2. Swelling or have a large range of obvious symptoms, should give systemic antibiotics (third-generation cephalosporin antibiotics).

3. The formation of abscess, incision and drainage should be timely but should be avoided Boil the face cut.

(a) treatment

1. The principles of early treatment to promote inflammation subsided, after early drain purulent pus; timely elimination of systemic adverse reactions.

2. Local treatment

(1) Physical therapy: early, ultraviolet micro-irradiation, can promote local anti-inflammatory, to prevent proliferation. Swelling stage, the selection of FM, infrared and other heat, promote Boil liquid. 2 to 3 times / d, 20 ~ 30min / times.

(2) Drug eraser: 0.5% povidone-iodine scrub, the drug not only for skin irritation, and the role of long-lasting, no pigmentation. Can also be used erythromycin, tetracycline ointment.

(3) topical cream: local swelling and a small pustules, use ichthyol, wishful golden powder, Gyokuro powder and so on.

(4) incision and drainage: Boil into pus, nodules soften, a sense of volatility, you can make a small incision drainage or fire needle drainage. Taboo squeeze purulent lesions.

(5) to keep local clean and dry: adhere to local skin cleaning, daily showers are the best conditions. Young children with skin, topical lip after taking a bath in summer, to avoid the formation of multiple Boil.

3. Systemic treatment usually does not require systemic treatment of boils. But facial boils or accompanied by chills, fever, headache, general malaise, etc., should be given antibiotics. Clinical observations and experimental results show that the efficacy of penicillin, cephalothin, cefazolin and amikacin better effect.

(B) the prognosis

generally good prognosis after active treatment, without sequelae.


boil should be how?

1. Peripheral blood

(1) white blood cell count: fever, elevated WBC count may have.

(2) white blood cell count: white blood cell count was elevated often accompanied by increased neutrophils .

2. diabetes check

(1) fasting plasma glucose measurement: two fasting blood glucose were increased, should consider the possibility of diabetes.

(2) glycated serum protein: This clinical trial is not the impact of fluctuations in blood glucose higher than normal to help the diagnosis of diabetes.

(3) glycosylated hemoglobin: glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose were positively correlated, and the irreversible reaction. Diabetes is often higher than the normal 2 to 3 times.

3. bacteriologic

(1) bacterial culture: the multiple, repeated infections, abscesses can be extracted directly pus for bacterial culture, positive results will help the diagnosis of pathogens.

(2) drug susceptibility testing: bacterial culture in the pus, while line drug susceptibility testing can provide the scientific basis of clinical drug treatment.


boil diseases easily confused?

1. Multiple sweat gland abscesses are summer disease, more common in infants and young children and frail mother's head, forehead, etc .. Lesions of multiple subcutaneous abscesses. Surface tenderness, inflammation lighter. No pus bolt, left scars. Usually accompanied by a lot of prickly heat. Generally known as prickly heat poison. It was also known as pseudo furunculosis (Pseudofurunculosis).

2. Hidradenitis suppurativa common in young women, lesions of the skin induration. Subcutaneous abscess formation, followed by skin redness, swelling, heat, pain, ulceration scarring. Lesions occur in the armpits, groin, genital and perianal, umbilical, etc.

3. acne acne mild infection, red, swollen, painful, but the disease is small, the top a little bit like creamy.

4. sebaceous cysts sebaceous cyst infection are redness, swelling, pain, but the previous round has been painless mass over an extended period , the epidermis as usual.

5. carbuncle carbuncle with redness, swelling, pain, but there are several hair follicle infection, lesions larger than the boil.


hump-related diseases

juvenile osteochondrosis of vertebral osteoporosis youth sexual hump sore scoliosis ankylosing spondylitis vitamin D deficiency disease

more back symptoms

small blisters appear back back pain back spasms, back pain does not have subtle linen spine back pain sinus pain Road with sensory ataxia spinal nerve root damage spinal cord hemisection syndrome, spinal cord lesions of hemorrhagic infiltration of the spinal cord injury spinal cord infarction, cauda equina involvement across the spinal cord within the spinal cord gliosis in the spinal cord anterior horn of the spinal cord lesion cavity formed spinal thalamic tract compression