herpes simplex virus infection



Overview: simple herpes virus called herpes simplex infection, herpes simplex virus by infection caused by an acute herpes skin, clinical clustered blisters is characterized by a self-limiting, but easy to relapse.


herpes simplex virus infection is caused by what the?

human herpes simplex virus is divided into two types, namely herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-I) and herpes simplex virus type II (HSV-II). Herpes simplex virus are the only natural reservoir, primarily spread through direct contact, HSV can still be a type Ⅰ droplets through the air, HSV-Ⅱ type is mainly transmitted through sex, in childbirth type HSV-Ⅱ through the birth canal direct infection of newborns. No significant seasonal, with the main distribution. The virus present in the patient, restoring a healthy carriers were blisters or scars fluid, saliva and feces.

primary infection, the virus that is along the axis into the sensory nerve ganglia, there was latent for life, and along the axon to the skin and mucous discharge cyclical virus, When the environment changes the body, such as the occurrence of other infections, glucocorticoid and immunosuppressive agents such cases, HSV can be activated and cause recurrent infections. In normal, HSV infection of the skin and mucous membranes caused by lesions confined to the surface. However, cellular immunity has not yet mature or functional defects, as well as more extensive skin damage such as infant eczema or burns, then HSV infection often develop extensive mucocutaneous herpes lesions, viremia and visceral dissemination, a serious condition.


herpes simplex virus infection early symptoms?

(1) initial symptoms: lesions can occur in any part of the skin or mucous membrane, most commonly in the perioral, lips, conjunctiva, cornea, and genitals. Local tension began burning itching, erythema appears in erythema or normal skin on the clustered group of small blisters, blister fluid Qingche transparent, and later becomes turbid, scrape after erosion, exudation, crusting, but also continue hair purulent infection, nearby lymph nodes may be enlarged at this time. Duration of 1 to 2 weeks to heal. Left over after the more temporary pigmentation spots.

(2) primary HSV-1 infection of the gums caused by typical stomatitis lesions, most common in infants and young children. Symptoms include irritability, anorexia, fever, painful swollen gums and mouth ulcers.

primary HSV-2 infection occurs primarily in the vulva, vagina and penis, common in young people. Disease accompanied by fever, general malaise and pain in the groin lymph nodes. HSV-2 infection seen in infants, causing severe disseminated disease.

(3) of herpes infection in AIDS patients may be particularly severe, can occur in progressive persistent esophagitis, colitis, ulcerative perianal inflammation, pneumonia and neurological syndrome and so on.

(4) HSV can cause severe encephalitis. HSV-2 are also usually self-limited aseptic meningitis and radiculitis lumbosacral spinal cord syndrome, the latter expressed as urinary retention and constipation.


herpes simplex virus infection ate?

therapeutic side:

① Houttuynia, students hawthorn each 15 grams, water decoction to drink;

② green beans 30 grams, reed rhizome 50 g, water to cook to drink;

③ drink green bean soup or red bean soup;

④ green beans, clothing, honeysuckle soaked behalf of the tea. In addition, the available purslane 30 grams, Jianshui let cool, stack with 5 to 6 layers of gauze; soaked for wet, every 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine (Lithospermum 12 grams, 30 grams of Radix, forsythia 30 grams, Health yi 30 grams), Jianshui orally, 2 times a week to prevent recurrence.

appropriate patients to eat what?

herpes simplex patients should be encouraged to eat and drink, especially children, to herpes simplex to prevent dehydration.

should eat a heat detoxification of light products, such as: green bean, melon, cucumber, watermelon, gourd, cabbage, lotus root, Malan head, chestnut Levin, celery.

patients unfit to eat what?

diet should be prohibited from strong irritant smoke, alcohol, coffee, tea , etc., avoid spicy Anabaena and chicken, dog meat, shrimp, crab, Zhu Tourou, goose, sweet products such as hair thing.

data only refer to the specific, please ask a doctor.


herpes simplex virus infection should be how to prevent?


treatment of herpes simplex virus infection precautions before?

(1) of transmission via oral transmission to the respiratory, but also through the skin, mucous membranes, cornea and other herpes lesions at the infection;

(2) of herpes simplex virus infection in patients with saliva, feces Jie presence of the virus, should avoid contact with other children and infants, to avoid increasing the risk of infection;

(3) of recurrent herpes simplex infection is due to latent herpes simplex virus in vivo is activated after the cause.

herpes simplex virus infection medicine treatment

Western herpes simplex virus infection treatment

1. Aciclovir (acyclovir)

(1) drug of choice for the treatment of HSV can shorten the course of the disease, reduce symptoms. The blood concentration of 56% of the product through blood-brain barrier. Encephalitis, severe infection and systemic intravenous once every 8h, each 10mg/kg. 100mI dissolved in solution, the drop in 1-2h finished treatment 10-14d.

(2) on genital herpes simplex virus infection, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control developed the program is:

① FDA first issued by general oral daily 5 times per 200mg, treatment 5-7d. Severe symptoms intravenously every 8hl times 5mg/kg, a total of 5-7d.

② repeated attacks, the daily oral dose of 5, each 200mg, total 5d.

③ To prevent repeated attacks, can be taken orally 2-5 times daily, each 200mg.

(3) as acyclovir by inhibiting viral DNA synthesis and work, so only the intracellular replication of the virus is a role, while the virus in a latent state no effect, relapse after drug withdrawal. Local used acyclovir herpes virus can reduce the number, but can not alleviate the symptoms, it can not accelerate lesion healing. Pregnant women after application of the safety of acyclovir has not been confirmed, should not be used.

2. vidarabine

effective treatment of systemic infections, encephalitis, severe infection and systemic application of dose daily 10-15mg/kg, intravenous treatment 10d.

3. ocular infection medication

0.1% available iodine, glycosides, or ribavirin (Ribavirin ) drops.

4. local symptomatic treatment

(1) 3% boric acid solution or saline: for blisters or local swelling significantly, wet compress to the injury subsided.

(2) 1% -2% crystal violet liquid: for ulceration who treated the affected area 2 times a day.

(3) 3% acyclovir ointment: partial coating, several times a day.

(4) 0.5% neomycin ointment: partial erasure.


herpes simplex virus infection should be how?

(1) identification of monoclonal fluorescent antibody method

virus isolation were positive result is a basis for diagnosis. the mouth or genital herpes in the face of the slurry and brain, lung biopsy specimens can be inoculated in human diploid fibroblasts and other cultured ,1-3d cells can occur after lesions were identified with monoclonal fluorescent antibody. brain, lung and other tissues can also be directly used monoclonal fluorescent antibody detected virus antigen. initial infection, the convalescent antibody increased diagnosis, but the potential recurrence of the virus is activated there is no antibody rise of the phenomenon.

(2) pathology: ballooning degeneration of epidermal cells, reticular degeneration and coagulation necrosis. basophilic inclusion bodies seen in the nucleus early, late into eosinophilic inclusion bodies, dermal papilla edema and inflammatory cell infiltration.

(3) the skin at the scraping for cytological examination: see multinucleated giant cells and intranuclear eosinophilic inclusion bodies, or by PCR detection of herpes simplex virus in the blister fluid of DNA can help the diagnosis; viral culture and identification of herpes simplex virus infection is diagnosed with the gold standard; type HSV-IgM serum antibodies have diagnostic value, especially in neonatal HSV infection, while IgM antibodies in the diagnosis of a value not large, can be used for epidemiological investigations.


herpes simplex virus infection and the diseases easily confused?

(1) and herpes zoster with facial identification

facial rash of herpes zoster along the trigeminal nerve or the majority of the facial nerve branches and distribution, basal inflammation apparent zonal arrangement , accompanied by neuralgia.

(2) and herpes zoster differentiated

few shingles relapse, usually caused by pain more severe, and the wider area of ​​the skin area and along the distribution.

(3) and impetigo differentiated

scattered pustular, flush around the obvious, there is honey yellow scab common in children exposed parts, summer and autumn more common.

(4) with chicken pox, other causes of genital ulcers or gum-like skin disease and herpes stomatitis, especially dermatitis herpetiformis and drug rash other diseases.


Farfetched destruction-related diseases like changes in the skull

multiple myeloma

more long symptoms

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