Overview: common cold is caused by the common human pathogenic wind invasion of exogenous fever. Can occur throughout the year. Especially in the winter and spring is more common. Clinically with headache, nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat cough, fever, chills, etc. as the main features of the syndrome. The severity of the disease are different, the light commonly known as the common cold, severe injuries as the wind. If the condition is severe, and widespread over time, similar to the syndrome, known as the line when cold.


common cold is caused by what the?

usually by small RNA viruses, particularly rhinovirus and some ECHO virus and Coxsackie virus. a small amount from the coronavirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza viruses and respiratory syncytial virus cause.


What are the early symptoms of a cold?

colds usually a part of or associated with upper respiratory tract inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, including the nose, paranasal sinuses, larynx, pharynx, and often involving the trachea and bronchi. Can occur throughout the year. Mild symptoms, usually without fever, mild chills, fever, headache. Nasal congestion, runny nose (like water), secondary bacterial infection, there may be thick yellow purulent discharge. Sore throat, throat, mild cough, a small amount of white sputum. General course of 5 to 7 days. Routine blood tests: white blood cells may be normal or increased.


cold ate?

A therapeutic cold side (the following information for reference only, details need to consult a doctor)

(1) Sang day Kwai drink: Morus alba 15 grams Qingtiankui 12 grams, water decoction added to the residue amount of crystal sugar, on behalf of the tea.

(2) Houttuynia reed stems soup: Houttuynia 30 grams, 15 grams reed stems, candied 3, a total of fried add water to residue 2 times for drinking.

(3) drink apricot pear: 10 grams of almonds (peeled tip broken), 1 to 2 pear, crystal sugar. Pear first cut to the core, and cook almonds, pears cooked add sugar, on behalf of the tea.

(4) gypsum almond porridge: gypsum 30 to 60 grams of almonds (peeled and tip) 10 grams, add water, fry 20 minutes, adding 30 grams of rice to cook residue porridge, eaten with salt seasoning.

Second, what does a body good to eat cold?

(1) should be repeated cold water and fruit juice.

(2) Yi Shi spleen with blood stasis or dehumidification effect of food, such as Coix, yam, hawthorn, brown sugar, orange and so on.

(3) Yi Shi help Shufeng casual evil food.

(4) advised to eat cabbage, green beans, celery, carrots, lily, pears, lotus root with the heat effect of food.

(5) with nutritious foods such as eggs, meat, yam, seafood category, fungus, longan, sesame seeds, lotus seeds, walnuts, etc.; liver and kidney deficiency and lack of blood, Yi Shi litchi, jujube, longan meat, black beans, beef, chicken, turtle meat, turtle meat and other nourishing liver and kidney, replenishing qi and blood food.

Third, the common cold is best not to eat what food?

(1) should not be eating fried and spicy foods, subsidized so as not to hurt evil.

(2) should be fast dry cheese, ham, game and other foods, eat less chocolate, milk, beer, cheese, tea, coffee and other food.

(3) quit alcohol, forbidden to drink tea.


how to prevent colds?

often mentioned in the daily life of the relationship between cold and cold is controversial. One thing is certain, that the cold itself does not cause colds, neither prerequisite for causing the common cold, is not caused by cold reason, but over-long, severe cold will affect the immune system weakened immune system caused by the body's resistance to the virus weakened.


cold pre-treatment precautions?


1, nasal wash method: Western medicine, that when the body is cold, rain and other factors make the respiratory tract induced reduced ciliary beat frequency, nasal mucus and the adsorption of viruses, bacteria and fungi remain in the nasal cavity of the time greatly increase, which cause the common cold virus to multiply and invade the human body, cause colds.

2, chicken soup: the United States there are two clinical centers reported that chicken soup inhibits inflammation in the throat and respiratory tract, the elimination of nasal congestion caused by colds, runny nose, cough , sore throat and other symptoms is extremely effective. Because chicken contains essential amino acids the human body, nutrient-rich, can significantly enhance the body's resistance to the cold virus, chicken also contains a special chemical substance, with enhanced blood circulation throat and nasal fluid secretion , which protect the airway, clear the respiratory viruses, speed up the healing cold have a good effect.

3, eat radish: Practice has proved that radish radish factor in the prevention, treatment of common cold has a unique role. This is done to the sweet and juicy carrot, chopped half cup juice pressed out, then mashed ginger, squeeze a small amount of ginger, add carrot juice, then add sugar or honey, mix well into the water as soft drinks, three times a day, even for two days, you can heat, detoxification, relieving, preventing colds.

4, sugar, ginger tea drink together: mostly due to exogenous cold cold evil, often have headaches, nasal congestion, runny nose and a joint pain, and even cold, fever, etc. symptoms. Available brown sugar, ginger, black tea, the amount, soup to drink 1-2 times a day, not only warm to cold, flu and has good control features.

5, eat less salt: Experiments show, eat less sodium in salt can increase the content of lysozyme in saliva, protecting the mouth, throat epithelial cells, so The secreted more immunoglobulin A and interferon against influenza virus. Therefore, the daily amount of salt in 5 grams or less control, prevention and treatment of colds great benefit.

6, blunt honey: Honey contains a variety of bioactive substances that stimulate the body's immune function, blunt twice daily morning and evening, to be effective in the treatment and prevention of colds and other viral diseases.

7, clothing yeast: Dasgupta, Professor, University of California found in the experiments, the yeast in making bread, contain a cold virus in the body to prevent cell breeding spread ingredients to treat the common cold, but flu is invalid.

cold medicine treatment

traditional Chinese medicine:

"Medical Source Library": cold, disease name. ① caused by exogenous pathogenic wind made light card table. See "straight typhoid grid" volume. Also known to take the wind, cold. "Miscellaneous permits Mo Jing Yue Quan Shu": "evil light light who has committed fur, is cold." Detailed in a cold section. ② typhoid sun stroke. "When the disease on the cold": "cold of the disease, that the book winds injury David Zhongjing of the card also." See stroke. ③ feelings caused by exogenous pathogenic wind fever. "Three for a very one card side theory" volume IV, containing six by Jie cold symptoms: cold sun, the proof see fever, aversion to wind, spontaneous perspiration, the first term is strong, lumbar pain, floating pulse, should Gui Zhi Tang. Yangming colds, fever evidence see, Fu Man, thirst, spontaneous perspiration, addicted to lying, body weight, difficult urination, pulse length and the number of floating strings, should apricot soup. Shaoyang cold, the proof see the body heat, evil wind, spontaneous perspiration, neck, threatening full, mouth pain Erke, floating pulse string, should be added Gui Bupleurum soup. Lunar cold, card see spontaneous, full chest, abdominal pain, self-interest, throat, large and slow pulse string, should Guizhishaoyaozhimu soup. Shao cold, card see dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat, upset, spontaneous, low back pain with


cold should do what check?

No information


cold diseases easily confused?

and cold similar. Number of common cold is caused by different viruses, including coronavirus, rhinovirus, or parainfluenza, etc., medically known as acute upper respiratory tract infection. Common cold is usually cold, rain or other reasons under the effect of fatigue, with decreased resistance caused by the body, without complications, usually in three to four days will be recovered. Is a common cold nose, throat, upper respiratory tract mucosa of acute infection, the acute upper respiratory tract infection. Generally considered 90% of cases are caused by a virus, a few can cause secondary bacterial infections.


weak pulse-related diseases

pulse permits the cold stagnation of liver Qi modest effort dizziness heart and spleen deficiency liver blood deficiency of heart yin yang heart overflow pulse pulse Bi

more other symptoms

"frozen" phenomenon "three fears" (water, sound, light 21 - hydroxylase deficiency IgM antibodies SM accumulation increased belching physical scars, daytime sleepiness, nighttime insomnia, leukopenia, leukocytosis, signs of leukemic cell infiltration in sepsis to maintain sleep disorder galactosemia apraxia adopt a passive position overeating addiction rage stolen or hypochondriacal paranoia delusions