headword induced

pinyin yu f

basic explanation

1 [cause to happen; bring out; induce].

2 . induced inspiration

detailed explanation

1. induced inspiration

maidou fu mao dun whistle whistle every time it caused me a lot of coaching and it is not like the tone that ditan anqi wanderers in the induction of my nostalgia

2. lead ( multi-finger disease )

contemporary 1981 first three worry induce body cancerous certain parts of

separate words to explain lure : lure lure yu use means of persuasion to induce the introduction of teaching induction lure lure lure speech , said the beauty of the sun and the moon and then glory

hair ? : hair f delivery sent distribute crack shot release issued wholesale glow emitted radiation expression describes

word usage examples

table guide evoked meaning

when readers read the article when their personal experiences with the thoughts and feelings of conflict may induce life thinking and analysis

resulting happen

medical experiments showed that unhealthy habits easily induced fatty liver