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pandanus proj

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vitex division

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stone catalpa

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small yeshi zi

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gmelina delavayana p. dop


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yunnan provi

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small ye danzi whole plant ( a )

small yeshi zi flower fruit ( 2 )

2 morphology thornless shrub 0.5-2 meters high. twigs terete , slender, striped , dark brown , sparsely puberulent , soon glabrous, very sparsely small round lenticels. leaves opposite, broadly ovate to almost rounded trapezoid or rhombus , up to 1.5-2.5 cm , thin up to 5 cm , 1.2-2.2 cm wide , thin up to 3.5 cm , usually smaller, apex acute , with a small tip sudden , base slightly oblique, obtuse or wedge surface green , glabrous, abaxially densely silvery white glands , entire, or the lower part of a 1-2 shallow coarse teeth , lateral veins 3-4 pairs, the surface is slightly dry sometimes and net veins prominent, back slightly elevated , and fine stockwork slightly ; petiole 0.3-1 cm long . with leaves apical panicles, spend less , every leaf axils 1 ( -7 ) flowers, or sometimes mosaic becomes short handle , round, bractlike ; spend big , 3-4 cm long , pedicels short , or sometimes higher than the petiole about 1 times near the top with two small lanceolate bracts are slightly pubescent. calyx bell-shaped , dark purple , about 1 cm , calyx teeth 5, irregular , triangular to ovoid, 5-7 mm long , are small glands , each tooth or calyx calyx sparsely large black disc-shaped gland body 1-8 ; corolla tube funnel-shaped, not open slightly when densely glandular and yellow glandular points, after opening loss, and limb are lavender crown , short upper lip , entire or 2 -lobed, lower lip in the lobes grow , cystic swollen from the inner surface of yellow ; corolla throat long stamens protruding approximately 8 mm ; anthers splayed, head -shaped filaments sparsely glandular ; style shorter than the long stamens, but shorter stamens slightly longer , glabrous , apex drill shape ; ovary glabrous. drupe obovoid , 10-16 mm long , exocarp fleshy, dry black, vertical wrinkle, under increasing calyx bowl . flowering in june ; fruit from july to september .

3 distribution and habitat produced in yangbi and jinsha river tributary valleys ( dengchuan , heqing , binchuan , yongsheng ) , an altitude of 1500-1700 meters under limestone jungle or shrub , or dry shortage slope . our sichuan southwest ( huidong , filtered water , 2500 m ) also produced. the type specimen origin: binchuan ( dapingzi ), gmelina montana ww smith 's type specimen origin yangbi .

4 medicinal va : small yeshi zi

: verbena herbal dicotyledonous plants small ye danzi roots.

: stomach qi , cut malaria xuanfei .

: with gas treatment epigastric pain , swelling and full of nausea, loss of appetite. with the governance of the malarial day , weight loss .

] [ tropism of taste : acrid, warm . lung, stomach two classics .

dosage : oral: 9-12 grams, decoction.

[ animal and plant resource distribution: distribution of sichuan, yunnan .

: small ye danzi gmelina delavayana p. dop

: only contained in the "yunnan flora ."